Sza Blasts President Donald Trump: Just Say You Don’t Give A F**k About Us & Move On

Sza, Donald Trump

Sza Blasts President Donald Trump: Just Say You Don’t Give A F— About Us & Move On

Singer Sza is one of the latest celebrities to take to social media to express her frustration with President Donald Trump.

“The Weekend” singer hopped on Twitter to speak on the latest political saga. On Friday (Jan. 3), it was reported that Donald Trump ordered a fatal strike against a top Iranian military official, possibly causing another world war. Trump has also been impeached for abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Sza wrote Friday (Jan. 3),

“U tellin me they deaded Clinton for head but this mans committed treason , bigotry , incited mass violence, and now war crimes ..Jus say u don’t give a f— abt us and move on. No need for fake narratives”
She also responded to a fan who said Donald Trump was innocent and blamed the media for the narrative.
Sza wrote,
“Lmao ppl are dead sir… like a woman ran down TWO children last month because she believed they were immigrants . inciting riots racism and DEATH is not propaganda love. That’s LIVE NEWS”
She also responded to a critic who said she needs to stick to singing and stay out of politics. Sza tweeted,
“I’m not into politics I’m running my mouth for fun . it’s called free speech read a book .”
She ended with,
“All in all ion give a f— . Let the record show and somebody tell my assigned agents coast is clear”
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