Miami Heat’s Chris Silva Gets Emotional After Reuniting With His Mother [WATCH]

Miami Heat’s Chris Silva Gets Emotional After Reuniting With His Mother [WATCH]

Miami Heat and the NBA collaborated to give rookie forward Chris Silva one of the best holiday gifts. On Friday (Dec. 27th), the Heat surprised Chris Silva by reuniting him with his mother, Carine Obame, whom he hadn’t seen in three years, prior to their game against the Indiana Pacers.

He and his family are from Libreville, Gabon. Gabon is a country on the west coast of Central Africa.

In the video shared by the Heat, Silva was seen obviously shocked as his mother enters into the arena. As the video continues, Silva’s raw emotional was captured just as he gives his mother the sweetest embrace saying,

“That’s my mom!”

Heat head coach, Erik Spoelstra spoke with reporters on the 23-year-old undrafted rookie’s surprise reunion. He says,

“Once you learn his story, you want to even do more for him and help him on this journey. That’s the kind of quality human being he is. It’s a really unique backstory, how he has been over here basically without his family and just willing his dream.”

According to reports, Silva’s mother traveled 18 hours from their native country. Silva had no idea that she would be making the trip, telling reporters afterward that they spoke days before when she was still in Gabon.

“I’m shook. I thought I was seeing a ghost, but, like, after I realized that that was her I couldn’t help myself. I was emotional.”

After their emotional reunion, Silva took to his Instagram to share a quick update on their day. He shares a selfie of his mother as he’s seen in the background laid back in their hotel bed. Silva says his mother was so excited the pair walk around the city of Miami. He writes,

”She made me walk all over Miami so I had to lay down..”

Super sweet! 

Authored by: Gregory Molette