NFL Star Marquise Goodwin Opts Out Of Upcoming Season To Keep His Daughter Safe During COVID-19: I Won’t Risk Experiencing Another Loss

Marquise Goodwin, Marae Goodwin

NFL Star Marquise Goodwin Opts Out Of Upcoming Season To Keep His Daughter Safe During COVID-19: I Won’t Risk Experiencing Another Loss

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marquise Goodwin has opted out of playing for the 2020 season due to the safety concerns he has for his young child. Other players have also shared their discomfort with returning to work as the NFL attempts to get back to normal amid the coronavirus pandemic. Last week some players took to Twitter using the hashtag #WeWantToPlay to express their disappointment in the organization for not having a clear plan on how it will keep the players safe once the season starts. Russell Wilson, who is the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, shared his own concerns with leaving for camp last week. He tweeted: 

“I am concerned. My wife is pregnant. @NFL Training camp is about to start..And there’s still No Clear Plan on Player Health & Family Safety. We want to play football but we also want to protect our loved ones. #WeWantToPlay”

On Tuesday, July 28th, 29-year-old Marquise Goodwin shared a heartfelt video online explaining to his fans and supporters why he has made the difficult decision to sit this upcoming football season out.  During his video, he shared how he and his wife, Morgan Snow, have unfortunately lost 3 babies due to complications in the past. 

“Three years ago, I made a decision that affected my whole life. I chose to leave my wife at the hospital after prematurely birthing our first baby boy (due to incompetent cervix) which resulted in a fatality, to play in a football game. I felt like I had to prove to my coaches and new team that I was dedicated to winning and I wouldn’t let anything keep me from the goal, not even my family.”

He continued, 

“The following year in the same month, November – same week, our lives took another traumatic turn. Two weeks after learning her abdominal cerclage was failing, my wife called me shortly after we landed and arrived to our team hotel in Tampa, Florida to inform me she was having painful contractions, and my grandma, who flew up to help take care of Morgan while I would go to work and away games, had to rush her to the emergency room. Here we are again in the same predicament as a year ago, except I was almost 3,000 miles away. Anxiety weighed heavily on me because I once again had to decide – will I choose to play a game again like everyone may expect me to, or do I go home and tend to my ailing wife? Nevertheless, I told our team GM that I absolutely had to fly back and take care of my wife, to honor my wedding vows that I made to both her, myself, and God.”

Marquise Goodwin, Morgan Goodwin

Marquise Goodwin added, 

“We lost our twin boys. We have three angel babies to hold and watch as their little heart beats grew more and more faint by the minute, until it stopped.” 

Marquise Goodwin went on to share that he and his wife welcomed their first child into the world early last year. He also clarified that his desire to keep his daughter safe and coronavirus free is the reason he will not be suiting up with his teammates for this upcoming football season.  

“Onward to February 2019, our lives changed for the better, as we finally were blessed to bring home our first living child, our rainbow baby. This is my reason ya’ll. She is the reason I am opting out for this season. After choosing football many times, I feel I am inclined to make the right decision by finally choosing my family first.”

He continued: 

“It is known the NFL is implementing safety protocols to combat the COVID Pandemic, as well as other professional sporting leagues. I won’t take the chance of experiencing another loss because of my selfish decision making. I can’t do it. It’s not something I’m willing to live with, therefore I’ve chosen to opt-out for playing only for this season. Or until medical professionals across the world all agree that the world is a safe environment for everyone and not just NFL players. I will not play the 2020-2021 NFL season. I’m asking everyone to respect my decision and hope that you stay safe during these unprecedented times.” 

Marquise Goodwin started his professional football career with the Buffalo Bills back in 2013. He eventually was traded to the San Francisco 49ers in 2017 and just recently joined the Philadelphia Eagles in April of this year. Marquise Goodwin also has a Youtube channel with his wife that currently has more than 77k subscribers. 

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel