Nick Gordon Survived A Previous Heroin Overdose Weeks Before Death

Nick Gordon Reportedly Survived A Previous Overdose Just Weeks Before Death

Nick Gordon’s death was a shocking start to 2020. The ex-fiancé of the late Bobbi Kristina (the only child of late singer Whitney Houston) died from a suspected heroin overdose earlier this week. He was 30-years-old.

But according to new reports, that wasn’t the first time Nick Gordon allegedly suffered an overdose from the drug. In fact, according to reports he had an overdose in early December, just a couple of weeks before his fatal one.

That time, he was allegedly able to be revived as a loved one reportedly gave him Narcan, which is an opioid remedy that starts the heart back up.

Unfortunately for Nick Gordon and his loved ones, he wasn’t able to be saved when he reportedly  overdosed in an Orlando hotel room on Wednesday (Jan. 1). The cause of his death is still pending, but it’s been reported that black tar heroin (a less expensive but super impactful form of the substance) was the drug that took his life.

A woman reportedly attempted to save him, but he was said to have been dead at least 15 minutes before responders could get to the hotel. While they were able to start his heart again and rush him to the hospital, he passed away hours later. His friends and family were reportedly by his side.

There was a small vigil in his honor shortly after his passing. His mother, Michele, has also gone back to Hawaii after viewing the body. He was then cremated, according to reports.

His passing comes almost five years after Bobbi Kristina Brown died after being found unconscious in a bathtub in their home. Her mother, legendary singer Whitney Houston had an eerily similar death in February 2012.

Whitney Houston, Bobbi Kristina

Nick Gordon went on a very public downward spiral after Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina’s passings.

Continued prayers for Nick Gordon and his loved ones!

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