Jaden Smith – School Is Just Like Prison!


Jaden Smith  

Jaden Smith Compares Schools To Prison – They’re Are Too Many Correlations!

Jaden Smith, the son of one of Hollywood’s most famous couples Will and Jada Pinkett Smith has been known to take to social media and create a debatable topic in discussion. In a recent interview, the 19-year-old compared prisons to schools. He says,

We’re preparing everybody to go through prison with the schools. There’s too many correlations between public schools and prisons. The fact that you have the long hallways, the fact that you have a fixed responsibility to authority, the fact that there is a specific time to go outside and play, and there’s a specific time you could come back in and the way that your notified by that happening is by the bells. 

He continues,

There subconsciously getting you to have a fixed response to authority and understand what it’s going to be like when you are in prison. It’s like know when you’re here you have to listen to me I’m in charge and now I’m going to pass you off to this person who’s in charge when you’re doing this. 

Jaden Smith

Then it’s like, Oh you went to school? So you already know what it’s going to be like in prison. You have the bells, you got the times where you can go out, you can come back in. Then you have your authority figures that you have to respond to. You’ve already been trained for this. 

Expectedly, not everyone agreed with Smith though. As some felt he’s privileged and shouldn’t be speaking on matters that doesn’t involve him. One social media user writes,

The other half of the interview is about him being rich. ZERO correlation to what he’s saying but okay! Smh.

Another use adds,

It’s impossible to educate children when everyone is doing what they want. School prep kids for the real world, not floating around failing and falling back on trust funds.

Some agreed with his thoughts. One user states,

You guys missed his point by 8 miles. He isn’t attacking people in schools, he’s attacking the system that made public schools a lot similar to prisons.

Another user chimes in,

The first few seconds i was like wtf? Then later on I realized he had some really good points.

Do you agree with Jaden’s comparison? 

By: Dalvin Perkins


Authored by: TJB Writer