R. Kelly’s Sexual Assault Victim Granted First Access To His Sony Music Royalty Funds As A Result Of $4 Million Judgement

R. Kelly’s Sexual Assault Victim Granted First Access To His Sony Music Royalty Funds As A Result Of $4 Million Judgement

One woman formerly abused by jailed singer R. Kelly recently had a major win in court.

The victim, who reportedly took part in R. Kelly’s recent child pornography case, will get first priority to receive her $4 million payout from the singer’s Sony Music Royalty Fund.

According to the report, dispersing the royalty funds was halted previously as several owed parties lobbied for their award. Haley Williams reportedly won a multi-million dollar judgment against the “Ignition” singer for allegedly luring her with false promises of being in a music video at 16 years old and repeatedly having sex with her. Another owed party, real estate company Midwest Commercial Financial, reportedly won a $3.5 million settlement against R. Kelly for unpaid rent at a Chicago studio. A judge ruled, however, that Williams shall be awarded access to the funds first as she was the first to “properly demand the money from Sony.”

Reportedly, the previous judgment required Sony to:

“[forfeit]any funds currently in Kelly’s royalty account [to Haley Williams],”

Adding that the royalties should continue to be given to the woman until the judgment is paid off. Back in 2020, the royalty fund was reportedly estimated at $1.5 million. It’s unclear now how much money is actually in the account. R. Kelly’s lawyer Jennifer Bonjean reportedly shared plans to appeal the Williams judgment.

Explaining that the award was given after the entertainer was already behind bars, she reportedly said in a statement:

“I’ve never in my career seen such a flouting of the rules to deny him even the opportunity to defend these civil cases, even when the courts were fully aware that Kelly was incarcerated, unrepresented at points, and facing multiple criminal indictments…Indeed, much of these civil proceedings occurred without Kelly’s knowledge.”

The legal professional took to Twitter, adding:

“Williams’ default judgment is void. The judges took off their robes and became #metoo minions. They wouldn’t have played with a White’s man’s money this way -no matter what he allegedly did”

R. Kelly’s debt to Williams joins a long list of individuals waiting on their payouts from the disgraced artist. Along with a 31-year prison sentence, the singer was also ordered to pay $480,000 in other fines and restitutions. Following his second federal trial in Illinois, another $42,000 was reportedly added. As we previously reported, R. Kelly’s prison commissary funds were confiscated last year to begin the payments.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson