Bill Cosby’s Ex-Lawyer Monique Pressley Suspended Indefinitely, Allegedly Misused Funds & Deposited Thousands Of Dollars Into Husband’s Overdrawn Business Account

Bill Cosby’s Ex-Lawyer Monique Pressley Suspended Indefinitely, Allegedly Misused Funds & Deposited Thousands Of Dollars Into Husband’s Overdrawn Business Account

The former lawyer for Bill CosbyMonique Pressley – is being accused of a shocking claim of allegedly misappropriating funds of clients seeking her legal counsel. According to legal documents, Monique Pressley would allegedly demand upfront payment before performing any tasks in their defense, and allegedly deposit the money into her personal accounts. As a lawyer, she is required to hold the payments in an escrow account.

Reportedly, last August, Monique Pressley was suspended from practicing law indefinitely in Washington, D.C. due to the claims. The former legal analyst allegedly ignored the charges brought against her in both July and October of 2018 and failed to show up for the associated hearings. In result, the disciplinary counsel noted that there was:

“…clear and convicting evidence of her misconduct and recommended that she be disbarred…[Monique Pressley shows] a consistent disregard for the disciplinary process…She engaged in a pattern of dilatory tactics at every step of the process.”

Three notable complaints about her misuse of funds were reportedly used to disable her practices:

Edwin and Paula Amaker – elders from her church community – hired Monique Pressley in 2013 to represent them in a claim against a former business partner. They alleged Monique asked them for an advance payment of $5,000 to her escrow account, in which she would withdraw as she earned it. That account, reportedly, did not exist at the time. The Amakers were, then, asked to pay an additional $3,000 with no movement in the case. Monique’s husband, then allegedly took over the case despite having no legal training nor license. In 2016, she allegedly advised the couple to pay several thousands of dollars more to continue the case. As of April of 2019, they have not received a refund. Paula Amaker commented:

“[I felt] more and more upset and desperate because she was not seeing any results or evidence of work being done…[I was] victimized twice, by two people I utterly, utterly trusted…[I was] blindsided.”

– In February 2015, Monique Pressley was asked to represent Billy Greer in a gender/age discrimination lawsuit. She insisted that he pay a retainer of $2,400 in cash instead of a cashier’s check, going as far as to drive the client to a nearby bank herself. Those funds were allegedly deposited into her husband’s overdrawn business account to restore the balance.

Randal and Tara Landers hired Pressley in March 2017 to investigate their son’s suspicious death case, in which they agreed to pay a $15,000 advance. Within weeks, Monique’s escrow account was allegedly withdrawn into the negatives just as it was when she received the funds. She, then allegedly pressured the Landers to provide additional money to move forward with the case three months later. Randal and Tara Landers have not received a refund.

She’s also accused of going as far as allegedly driving a client to the bank so they could pay her in cash.

The lawsuit claims she allegedly deposited thousands of dollars from her escrow account into her husband’s overdrawn business account.

Ironically, just earlier this year, Monique shared an Instagram post in which the message can be summed up to translate to, “Secure the bag.”

Monique Pressley has yet to respond to the claims.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay