Meek Mill Drops New Track ‘Letter To Nipsey’: Every Cent Will Go To Nipsey Hussle’s Family!

Nipsey Hussle, Meek Mill

Meek Mill Drops New Track ‘Letter To Nipsey’: Every Cent Will Go To Nipsey Hussle’s Family!

Meek Mill is still keeping Nipsey Hussle’s legacy alive nearly a year after his passing.

Nipsey Hussle, whose birth name is Ermias Asghedom, died after being fatally shot outside of his The Marathon clothing store on March 31.

And his friend Meek Mill penned him an open letter via a song. He tweeted that all of the proceeds for “Letter to Nipsey” will go to Nipsey Hussle’s family.

The single, featuring rapper Roddy Ricch, was released Sunday (Jan. 26) and has nearly 400,000 views on YouTube as of Monday morning (Jan. 27).

Meek Mill raps in the song that he had just left his viewing at The Staples Center. The event was held on April 11, 2019. He also rapped about how President Barack Obama wrote Hussle a letter.

“I just left your viewing at the Staples Center \ Obama wrote you a letter,?yeah,?you made it,?n***a \ I even heard?you had some players to come to Vegas with us \ And them suckers could never kill you, it only made you bigger”

He revealed that he cried about Hussle’s passing, before possibly rapping about the man who shot him. Eric Holder is currently in custody on the charges.

Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder

“You made me cry, n***a, and I don’t cry, n***a 
You the first one made me feel like I could die, n***a 
‘Cause real n***as never die, you know the vibes, n***a (You know the vibes, n***a), yeah
Couple days ago, was chilling with my youngins
Seen your kids on the ‘Gram, it made me sicker to my stomach (Made me sick)
And as the marathon continue, we keep running (We won’t stop)
But I’m like, d*mn, I wish you seen that p***y coming, for real”

Roddy Ricch also raps:

“I wish I knew when the storm came
How many tears did you cry when you lost someone?
We did this s*** all for the gutter
Did this s*** for my lil’ brother
Had to stare through these tears, ’cause I see you every time my eyes close (Every time my eyes)
Asking myself why you had to go, but only God knows (Only God knows)”

Roddy Ricch, Nipsey Hussle

He also recalled when he got the news about Hussle’s tragic passing.

“I was in Miami when I lost you, I ain’t talk about it
I remember I bawled out in tears when I saw your body 
And the flight back home, had cold days in LA
Had to turn off my phone, throw on the shades, and meditate
What you know ’bout wishing goin’ blind to hide your tears?
Had a lot of murder on my mind, but in God, I fear
Took Yompton and Crenshaw around the globe in a year
‘Member ridin’ solo, now it’s Escalades in my rear 
I just hustle, motivate, be prolific, hold down the state
My big brother Hussle the great, I know Cobby, Supreme relate
I know Jay Rock, Hoggy relate
Blacc Sam, Adam relate, Keeda, J Stone relate
Lauren, Pacman, it’s love, I wanna see you do great”

The song was also performed at the 2020 Grammys Sunday night (Jan. 26).

Continued prayers for Nipsey Hussle’s family, friends, and loved ones!

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