DJ Khaled Reveals First Photo of Newborn Son As Asahd Is Introduced As Big Brother

Super producer DJ Khaled recently became a proud father of two just last week. Fast forward to Wednesday (Jan. 29th), Khaled finally took to his Instagram to share the first photo of his newborn son Aalam with his nearly 20 million followers.

In the adorably sweet photo, DJ Khaled snapped a photo of his 3-year-old son Asahd who looked cozy in PJs as he appears to be relaxing while Dad gave the world the first glimpse of his newborn son. Khaled writes,

“BROTHERS ! ASAHD ! And AALAM ! Jan 20 . 2020 Time 11 : 42 pm. AALAM 8 ponds 4 ounces WE THE BEST! MORE LOVE MORE BLESSINGS!”

Khaled also gave insight into the meaning of his newborn son’s name.

He also explained when he first revealed his name,

“This is for hip-hop. I want to thank my beautiful queen Nicole. I just had a new baby boy a week ago. His name is Alam. It means ‘the world’ in Arabic.”

As reported, Khaled first announced the birth of his second child a day following his birth on Tuesday (Jan. 21), with a celebratory shoot of their doctor Dr. Jin while in the labor room.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette