Djimon Hounson Says His & Kimora Lee Simmons’ Son Was Called The N-Word

Djimon Hounson Says His Son With Kimora Lee Simmons Was Called The N-Word At A Soccer Game

Actor Djimon Hounsou, who was once in a relationship with Baby Phat founder/former model Kimora Lee Simmons, is sharing what it’s like to navigate difficult parenting moments. In a recent SiriusXM interview on “The Clay Cane Show,” he revealed that his and Kimora’s 10-year-old son, Kenzo Lee, experienced his first brush with racism among kids his own age.

Djimon commented:

“It’s tough, especially if you don’t live with your kid, because how do you get to have those moments…because I went to pick up my kids, my son from a soccer game one time, and he says to me that the other kid, some other kid called him the N-word, and so that’s how early it starts. So, he’s wondering, ‘I mean, why do you have to call me that word? And what’s so different about me, that you have to sort of like, patronizing me like that, you know?’…He’s ten.”

The West African stud added:

“So, I often was wondering, ‘When does it start? When do they start to realize or they start to get treated like a second class citizen? When?’…I was actually at the game and I said, which kid? And, so the kid was getting in a car and left, and so I said, ‘Well, don’t take that personally, some people just feel insecure and then they just feel like they have to call you some kind of a derogatory word.'”

Kimora Lee Simmons has not yet commented on this incident.

Unfortunately, Kenzo’s sister, Aoki Lee Simmons, who’s father is Russell Simmons, also experienced racism at her high school last year.

She said on Instagram Live last March,

“I know it’s not just me and we all have these kinds of problems. But I am so over people at my school being racist and no one doing anything about it. I don’t have time for you. And this particular kid, I swear, all day long he cannot stop saying the N word. It’s like his favorite thing to say. He just cannot… I don’t even use it like that. He just loves to use it and see how far he can push it. And all of his friends don’t care. They all think they’re ‘woke’ nice good people, but they don’t stop him.”

Listen to the clip of Djimon Hounson’s interview below.

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay