Singer Mya Hints That She Married Herself [VIDEO]


Singer Mya Hints At Secret Wedding Before Marrying Herself In ‘The Truth’ Video [WATCH]

Good news for those who have been crushing on Mya since the 90s. The songstress isn’t married after all. She hinted to tying the knot to a mystery man when she was spotted donning a gorgeous wedding gown just in time for Valentine’s Day.

She wrote,

“Thank you for all of the beautiful messages & happy V-day. ???
~ Officially, Mrs. Lansky
Wedding day link in bio.”

But the link in her bio leads to her new video “The Truth”, which she teased on Instagram just hours after her first cryptic wedding post.

In the video, Mya is seen getting ready for her big day.

She sings in the lyrics,

I’m so in love with you, just the way you are
I love the way you look, but even more I love your heart
Anywhere next to you is just where I belong
When it’s this right ain’t much that can go wrong

In another scene, she rocks all black while singing about the ups and downs of her mysterious relationship.

It turns out, she’s saluting herself.

She celebrated the union to herself as she popped a bottle of champagne.

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