Bhad Bhabie Threatens Skai Jackson Amid Social Media Feud: I Will Kill You!

Bhad Bhabie, Skai Jackson

Bhad Bhabie Threatens Skai Jackson Amid Social Media Feud: I Will Kill You!

Bhad Bhabie is at it again. The social media personality, whose claim to fame was an appearance on “Dr. Phil,” now appears to be beefing with actress Skai Jackson.

Her feud with Skai Jackson appeared to start when she posted a few subliminal posts on Instagram.

“Still can’t keep my name out her mouth smh… This Disney Thot wanna play… okay aby lets play then!”

She then went on Instagram Live to call out Skai Jackson and threaten her as she accused Skai Jackson of posting about her from a fake page, then blocking her on social media.

“B**** you’re a whole fan! She’s moving sneaky bro! Don’t go posting about me on your fake page. If you got something to say about me, post it on your page. Show me you’re f***ing bold! The b**** got me blocked on Instagram, blocked on Twitter, all type of s***. Grow up! That s*** don’t sit right me. That s*** don’t sit right with me at all! I don’t like that s***! You don’t even know if I’m talking to dude or not. You just seen on us ‘The Shade Room’… I will kill you! I will really kill you! What the f*** wrong with you?”

Bhad Bhabie still had yet to reveal who she was referring to but suggested that they’ve feuded over rapper NBA YoungBoy in the past.

She later said,

“I’m finna go to jail behind a Disney thot… What is you even doing in these men’s DMs? You ain’t even like that.”

She also shared a few posts in her Instagram stories, revealing that both of their mothers got involved.

Skai Jackson’s mom, Kiya Cole, had a few things to say after Bhad Bhabie told her to check Skai Jackson’s alleged fake page. Kiya Cole and Bhad Bhabie’s mom, #brooklyn_4_life11234 then got into it.

Meanwhile, Skai Jackson refused to give her any attention. She shared a cryptic tweet that seemed to be in response to the drama.

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Authored by: Char Patterson