Adele Tearfully Addresses Residency Postponements & Admits To Being ‘Scared & Nervous’ During Las Vegas Kick-Off Performance


Adele Tearfully Addresses Residency Postponements & Admits To Being ‘Scared & Nervous’ During Las Vegas Kick-Off Performance

Superstar singer Adele has finally made it to Vegas!

The Grammy Award-winning artist kicked off her Las Vegas residency over the weekend nearly a year after it was originally set to begin.

As previously reported, Adele, 34, broke the sad news to fans back in January that she, unfortunately, had to stall her Vegas residency. The “Hello” singer reportedly scraped her entire production team over creative differences weeks before the show was supposed to start.


However, the British artist finally took the sin city stage on Friday (November 18th). During her opening performance at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, Adele addressed pushing back her shows and opened up about being nervous about the 5-month long performances. She stated:

“I’m truly sorry for any inconvenience and any disappointment that I’ve caused, but we’re here tonight and together….Thank you so much for coming back to me. I really appreciate it,”


She continued:

“I’m so scared and nervous, but I am so happy. I don’t know what I was thinking putting piano ballads at the top of the set … hopefully over time my nerves will disappear….I’d really like to thank Caesars because there’s been a lot of sh*t has been written about me since I canceled those shows….Ninety percent of it is completely made up, but not once did [Caesars] ask any questions,”


Many rumors swirled during the time the singer was attempting to get the show back on track. Reports of Adele breaking down mid-rehearsals due to relationship problems with boyfriend Rich Paul circulated the internet. However, Paul was reportedly front and center at the kick-off performance.

There were also stories that the singer was searching for new show locations and could possibly be ditching the set altogether. However, it seems like all the drama was worth the wait. Clips from the debut performance show a packed house filled with roaring Adele fans.


The singer expressed that she wanted to perform somewhere small to increase the intimacy between herself and the audience. Adele even gave concertgoers a little treat, jokingly attempting the viral Megan Thee Stallion dance trend that was put over her song “Water Under The Bridge”.


I had to ? #fyp #adele #megantheestallion #mashup #remix

? Body On The Bridge – Ben Vertz (Mash Art)

All in all, it looks like everyone had a great time! Adele’s set list expectantly includes some of her biggest hits, such as “Hello,” “Rumour Has It,” “Someone Like You,” and “Rolling In The Deep.” The singer will reportedly perform at a total of 32 shows over the 5-month residency.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson