DaBaby’s Baby Mama Reveals If She Misses Rapper After He Impregnated Another Woman

DaBaby, MeMe

DaBaby’s Baby Mama Reveals If She Misses Him After He Impregnated Another Woman: Miss Him? Dats Me

DaBaby and the mother of his child hit a rough patch when he impregnated another woman.

MeMe exposed DaBaby earlier this month when she posted text messages between the rapper and the other woman. DaBaby later confirmed that he indeed does have another child on the way, but said the baby was conceived when he and MeMe weren’t together.

“I said I was done but one more thing… The same way I said I would never speak down on a person, allow the internet to look down on a person that birthed a child for me – when my newcoming blessing was conceived, me and shorty was not together. Shorty was not with me, living with me, was not f***ing with me in any way, shape or form. And you know, everybody know that them facts. That came out the horse’s mouth that we wasn’t together at the time. So don’t be fooled. The information that y’all was given today, it’s been out there. It was just, you know, kept off the internet as it should’ve been. But, you know, for whatever it was put on the internet, whatever intentions behind it, I pray all goes well with that. We just continuing to live righteously. Y’all be blessed…”

But MeMe seems to still be claiming the rapper despite their differences.

She wrote on her IG stories,

“I will forever carry him in my spirit, I will always have his best interest.. so yea that’s me! Y’all assmptions an accusations be crazy… Cleanse ya spirit”

When asked if she misses him she responded,

“Miss him ? Dats Me.”

She added a “and that’s on PERIODT” GIF

Still, she shared a cryptic post on Saturday (Feb. 29).

“Stalking me won’t change how your life is. Telling lies and talking s*** about me won’t make people doubt me because they already know who I am and that I can be trusted and that I am real. If you continue trying to destroy me, by knowing me down, you will only make me stand up stronger. I will not be a participant in your petty games because I won a long time ago.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson