Peter Rosenberg Calls Out Jay Electronica For Controversial Lyrics, Rapper Responds: “Shut The F*** Up”

Peter Rosenberg, Jay Electronica

Peter Rosenberg Calls Out Jay Electronica For Controversial Lyrics, Rapper Responds: “Shut The F*** Up”

While Jay Electronica is celebrating the release of his highly-anticipated album, HOT 97 radio personality Peter Rosenberg took issue with one of his lyrics.

Peter Rosenberg tweeted lyrics from Jay Electronica’s “Better In Tune With The Infinite”, that was released in 2014. The tweet reads,

“My feet might fail me, my heart might ail me The synagogues of Satan might accuse or jail me” Not feeling this bar from Jay Electronica and I know I’m not the only person who felt a way about it .”

He then explained his issue with the lyrics.

“As a Jew it puts me in a bad position. I can ignore the fact that I instantly felt a pang of discomfort and offense and basically sell out my culture or I can be accused of being the “Jewish media” hating on this man. But it’s how I felt. The line offended me.”
He added,
“It has been so long since hip hop has done that to me. It used to be commonplace for songs to have lines that were iffy and made me feel like “damn does this artist hate Jews?” Not in a minute. So thanks for throwing it back Jay.”
He then told one fan,
“The imagery of satan/devil around Jews speaks to a really deep intrinsic and dangerous anti Semitism that has personally affected me for my whole life. it’s actually quite different than a lot of’s specific to us. it’s the kind of rhetoric that led to the holocaust”
He later clarified and said his issue was from Jay Electronica’s “Ghost Of Soulja Slim” lyrics.
“Apologies I quoted the wrong song … when I googled “Synagogue of Satan” — I mistakenly assumed Jay only said it once… this is the second time … the line this time is “The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar” . lol my bad..songs dope besides that cringe though”

Jay Electronica caught wind of his tweets and responded.
“clout chasing us at an all time high.”
He added,
“and for the record. I stand on every single word i said on this album. #AWrittenTestimony#ISaidWhatISaid
He then tweeted that he was open to having a public discussion about it, but told Peter Rosenberg to “STFU” until then.

“and btw,

if you REALLY wanna get into it, we are willing to hold a discussion in a PUBLIC FORUM on The Synagogue of Satan and it’s meaning with any Scholars of Theology you would like to bring. until then. STFU”

 Peter Rosenberg responded said that he’s open to discussing it openly.
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