K. Michelle Undergoes IVF For A “Designer Baby,” Says She Wants A Girl & Is Using A Surrogate 

K. Michelle

K. Michelle Undergoes IVF For A “Designer Baby,” Says She Wants A Girl & Is Using A Surrogate

For over three years, singer K. Michelle has undergone multiple surgeries in repair of damage done to her body by dangerous illegal booty-plumping shots. Those procedures only complicated her journey towards becoming a mother for the second time. She even shared her experience with searching for a surrogate during her “Love and Hip-Hop: Hollywood” stint.

K. Michelle recently opened up to fans, again, sharing that in the midst of the stressful coronavirus outbreak, she is managing another round of in vitro fertilization (IVF) shots in hopes for twin baby girls. She shared a photo of her syringes and equipment with this caption:

“LADIES: Going through IVF in the midst of the Corona virus, is probably one of the most stressful things I’ve had to deal with. By 11pm I will have poked myself in the stomach a total of 8 times today. This is my LAST cycle of IVF. Me and Kastan keep producing boy embryos. I desperately am praying for at least 1 little girl. I’m currently seeing Dr. Hernandez-Rey, who specializes in designer babies and can help pick the gender. If this doesn’t work I’ll be having two little boys and I’ll be a All boy mom with 3 boys. At this point i’m blessed either way. Some women can’t have kids at all so I won’t complain. My uterus is also strong enough for me to carry but i’m still going to have a surrogate for my mental health.”

According to New Hope Fertility, a designer baby is:

“…an embryo that has been genetically modified (or gene-edited) for the sake of producing a child with specific traits.”

One well-known case of this is Luna Stephens – the daughter of John Legend and Chrissy Teigen. They genetically modified their pregnancy to make sure they gave birth to a girl.

K. Michelle continued:

“I’m finally going to get it done this year. I’ve takin my time to do it the right way. I appreciate all the prayers keep sending them to God he’s listening. I never thought I’d be going through this in my 30’s, but it’s life and i’m proud of myself for being strong through this ride. Happy”

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Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay