Luenell Bans Her Daughter From Her House For Not Taking Coronavirus Seriously: F**k These Kids


Luenell Bans Her Daughter From Her House For Not Taking Coronavirus Seriously: I Want To Live!

Comedienne Luenell is playing no games with the coronavirus.

She went as far as banning her daughter from her home for joking about the pandemic.

She took to Instagram and wrote,

“It pains me… breaks my d*** [heart] but, I have made the decision to ban my daughter from my home. These kids are not taking the seriousness of the handwashing and s*** seriously. I love my baby but this s*** is scary and I’m not f***ing around. Laughing in my face and thinking I’m overreacting has convinced me to shut everybody down except one person. I want to live. Im sorry but…bye”

Luenell explained more in the caption and wrote,

“When you choose ur friends over your Family, I have to make the best decision for me and my husband who is Already suffering from COPD.”

She added,

“I’m sure most of the millennials think we are dramatic and overreacting because they’re not as ‘woke’ as they think they are… Why am I sharing this publicly? Because maybes some of you might want to think the activities of your children outside of your house these days as well.”

She called out the millennial generation and ended with,

“The millennials are not listening and not taking proper precautions. This is our LIVES we are talking about people especially if you are in a certain age category. I’m bummed but it is what it is…”

Many of her followers commented and supported her decision.

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Authored by: Char Patterson