Wendy Williams’ Former DJ, DJ Boof, Reacts To Comment About Her Alleged Drug Use: This Is Going To Play Out Bad

DJ Boof Responds To Comment About Wendy Williams Alleged Drug Use: This Is Going To Play Out Bad

Talk show Host Wendy Williams’, 56, former DJ, DJ Boof ,34,is getting candid about his departure from the Wendy Williams Show.

In a recent video posted on the show’s Instagram account on October 25th, (the show aired the 19th), a fan commented:

“Wendy you need to stop your show and seriously get help, your camp is just watching you spiral instead of you sending help shame on them. Ill be boycotting the show until you get checked in to REHAB. Drugs will kill you please get help”

After another fan commented that drug use was probably why DJ Boof left the show, to which he responded:

” Yup exactly and it will all come out.. Ya’ll have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.. this is going to play out bad.. I feel sorry for the workers and victims. Have a blessed day.”

The comment has since been deleted.

Wendy Williams

Wendy Williams has had a known history of drug abuse, revealing she used cocaine early on in her career. She also checked herself into a Sober House in March 2019 in a tearful video to fans, though she claimed it was because she “needed someplace quiet” and did not confirm nor deny drug usage.


In a Wendy Show episode that aired Friday, October 23rd Wendy’s speech was delayed and at times sounded slurred.


Some fans accused her of relapsing. 

Back in September, Season 13 of The Wendy Williams Show aired with Power 105.1 DJ  Dj Suss One as the new Dj shocking many fans who had known Boof to have been with Williams since the beginning. He started with the show in 2008. Williams claimed the departure was just her switching things up.

Shortly before the firing, rumors swirled about Williams and Boof dating, as they were spotted at multiple places together. In an Instagram post, Williams also called him her “special friend”. The two never confirmed they were a couple.

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Authored by: Toi Monèt Creel