‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Mia Thornton Claims Brother-In-Laws Revoked Husband’s Access To Business Accounts & Will No Longer Pay Her: If You Can’t Trust Family, Who Can You Trust?

Mia Thornton & Husband

‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Star Mia Thornton Claims Brother-In-Laws Revoked Husband’s Access To Business Accounts & Will No Longer Pay Her: If You Can’t Trust Family, Who Can You Trust?

Even though Mia Thornton will soon be back on fans’ television screens, it’s unlikely she’s celebrating her return.

The Real Housewives of Potomac star revealed on Thursday (October 6) that her husband’s access to their business accounts has allegedly been revoked by her brother-in-laws. Her paychecks are also being withheld as punishment for her steadfast devotion to her husband, Gordon Thornton.

According to Mia Thornton,

“Gordon’s brothers who he trusted to support and carry on the family legacy has recently revoked his access to the company bank account while we were out of the country. I’ve since learned that my salary will no longer continue past this next payroll cycle due to my unwavering loyalty to Gordon. The thought that the person who Gordon selected to run our empire and who he thought would be the one to care for me and the kids has now manipulated the organizational structure and robbed us of everything we own. Gordon and I built this company from the ground up and brought on family Members since 2013 never would we think that after a decade of building generational wealth and opportunities would end up being taken from us overnight.”

Mia Thornton via instagram

She ended her statement by saying:


In her Instagram caption, Mia Thornton said,

“Sorry Loves, been going through it. Life at times feels impossible. @thejointchiro #dmv #maryland — I’m not giving up on you all! I will fight this fight and regain my #power.”

She added,

“Just want to let you all know because I love seeing our #rhop fans in our offices but I won’t be running into you all for a little bit, I don’t even feel comfortable recommending you continue to visit without having a direct influence on the operations. Although please know I will forever value you and I appreciate your love & support! I’ve never experienced such pain, I practically birth these clinics so I’m feeling defeated right now. God has been preparing me for the ultimate fight of my life. #breakingthechain #generationalwealth “I just can’t give up now, I’ve come too far”

Mia didn’t say what kind of business they run, but it seems like she’s talking about The Joint Chiropractic. According to its website, when Gordon Thornton made the decision to invest in The Joint Chiropractic, he already owned several Massage Envy franchise locations. His brother Marvin Thornton was stationed in Afghanistan. While Massage Envy also competed in the lucrative health & wellness market, The Joint gave Gordon Thornton the opportunity to run a company that offered customers a cheap, practical, and accessible approach to recovering from back and neck problems.

Together, the brothers own eight clinics in the Washington, D.C., area. Mia works with them as a Regional Developer for Maryland and Washington, D.C.

The RHOP cast members of Mia are extending their love and support to the Thorntons as they navigate what’s hopefully just a temporary rough patch. A couple of the series’ leading ladies left comments on her Instagram post to let her know they were praying for them.

RHOP Season 7 Cast - Mia Thornton

RHOP Season 7 Cast

Robyn Dixon said,

“This sounds stressful! I’m sorry you all are going through this…I hope and pray you all can work this out”

Robyn Dixon

Ashley Darby added,

“Praying for you Mia”

Ashley Darby

The news that Mia‘s brother-in-laws have taken control of her husband’s business account and are refusing to pay her comes shortly after she addressed her drink-throwing incident in season seven. The RHOP trailer for the forthcoming season, which debuts on October 9, showed Mia hurling a martini in Dr. Wendy Osefo‘s face. Although Wendy Osefo called the action unnecessary and essentially claimed it made for good “Housewives” television, Mia disagrees with her assertion that she was provoked. In spite of this, the business owner intends to work on how she reacts in circumstances she doesn’t like.

Wendy Osefo

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