Ex Reality Star Deelishis Says Fiancé Raymond Santana ‘Thought I Was Gonna Be After His Money… I Got My Own!’

Raymond Santana, Deelishis

Ex Reality Star Deelishis Says Fiancé Raymond Santana ‘Thought I Was Gonna Be After His Money… I Got My Own!’

Deelishis is setting the record straight amid rumors that she’s with her fiancé Raymond Santana because of his wealth. The former reality star went live with radio host Kendra G on Instagram Thursday (April 9). She pointed out that it’s no secret Raymond Santana, who is a member of the Exonerated 5, got a multi-million dollar payout after he and four other men were cleared of accusations that they sexually assaulted a woman when they were teenagers.

Deelishis said,

“I was very direct. With Raymond, people know him for two things. He was exonerated for a crime he never committed. And also that he got a paycheck later from that. So of course when they hear that we’re together, they say, ‘Oh this gotta be for money.’ Let me be very clear, I did not ask God for a broke man, and I’m okay with that. I’ve been working hard for many, many moons. And so when I said ‘God if I’m gonna be in a serious relationship, and I’m gonna consider marriage, which I know that’s what you want me to do, you don’t want me out here fornicating. You want me married, You want me whole. Can you, not just send me what you feel I need but also give me a little bit of what I want?'”

Deelishis, Raymond Santana

She then ran down the list of things she wanted in her ideal mate, and what she asked God for in prayer.

“Can he be loving, can he be loyal, can he be funny, can he be family-oriented, can he accept me that I’m a mother, can he accept me that I’m sexy to the public but I’m as wholesome as he needs me to be at home? As long as he would be able to take that well-roundedness, can he embrace me, can he motivate me, can he make me into being something greater than I know myself to be, even though I know I’m great. Can he not be broke? Can he have some money? Can he be good looking? Can he be a good lover? I want to be on fire when I’m in this relationship… Can I have that? And boom.”

Raymond Santana then joined the interview and said he “of course” wants to have babies with his future wife.

“She can forget that [tummy tuck].”

He also shared what he wanted in a wife.

“It was just about love and connection and looking at substance. So what’s I got to know her as a person, I started to see there was a lot of substance there. I knew because she was very domesticated, takes care of her children, takes care of her house. I was very impressed. The first time I walked into her house, I wanted her to take care of my house. Because my house is the ultimate bachelor house. Her house was real family-oriented.”

Deelishis, Raymond Santana

Deelishis went on to explain that Raymond Santana once thought she would be using him for his money.

“He thought I was gonna be after his money. So he treated me like, he was a gentleman, but he had an expectation, but he assumed that I was gonna be the average woman. So knowing him for his exoneration, as well as getting a check, he treated me the way he treats the women he was seeing. Basically ‘Yeah we gon’ hang out, we gon’ kick it, I’m a flash my jewelry, flash my house, my cars, and she gon be impressed, so we just gon’ date a little bit. I’m not gon take her serious.’ I had to address him, you gonna talk to me like you think I’m out for something, but I’m good.”

She said when she saw where he lived, she wanted to show him her own home so she could prove she didn’t need financially.

She joked,

“I got my own. In fact, mine is probably topping yours!”

He added,

“I don’t know about that.”

But she continued,

“Not only that, who moved in with who?”

He admitted,

“I was definitely impressed.”

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