C-Knight, Member Of G-Funk Rap Crew Dove Shack, Passes Away At 52


C-Knight, Member Of G-Funk Rap Crew Dove Shack, Passes Away At 52

Sad news!

The music world has unfortunately lost another OG. According to reports, yesterday (Nov. 7) Dove Shack member Arnez Blount, who was professionally known as C-Knight, was taken off life support. C-Knight was initially hospitalized a few weeks ago on October 18 due to complications from diabetes. The rapper’s family revealed that he suffered a stroke during his dialysis treatment and went into cardiac arrest.

C-Knight was resuscitated by doctors and placed on life support. However, reports said he remained unresponsive with no signs of improvement.

C-Knight, who was 52 at the time of his passing, founded Dove Shack in 1994 and, in addition to himself, the 3-men group also consisted of Bo-Roc and 2Scoops. When news of C-Knight’s health scare first broke, Bo-Roc released an emotional statement on Instagram and said,

“I’m literally begging all who see’s this post to pray for my brother from another mother and one of my closest friends in the world Arnez a.k.a C Knight from the Dove Shack. He’s the founder of the Dove Shack and the reason I had the opportunity to make #summertimeinthelbc for the world so please please send him positive energy and healing prayers.”

Bo-Roc recently released a new statement and shared,

“This is like f*cking nightmare I swear this sh*t hurt different and I don’t want to talk about sh*t to nobody so please just let me be and pray for us… On my soul I love you bro and I already don’t know what the f*ck to do wit u being gone.”


theJasmineBrand is sending our thoughts and prayers to the loved ones of C-Knight during this difficult time. 


Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel