Dr. Oz Criticized For Saying Deaths Associated With Reopening Schools Could Be ‘Tradeoff’, Later Apologizes

Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Criticized For Saying Deaths Associated With Reopening Schools Could Be ‘Tradeoff’, Later Apologizes

Update #2 (April 17th): Dr. Oz has issued a video, saying that he misspoke. See his message below.

Original story: While Dr. Mehmet Oz has earned trust as being a nationwide favorite resident TV physician, his latest comment about re-opening schools has many scratching their heads.

It’s been several weeks since the Coronavirus lockdown has taken a toll on the education system and many parents have been wondering when their children can resume their studies. Holding off for as long as possible until there is a positive turn of events in COVID-19 treatment has been an obvious priority. However, Dr. Oz feels the wait shouldn’t have to be that long. In fact, Dr. Oz appeared on Fox News to share his belief that millions of students potentially getting infected and even dying of the virus, is a risk worth taking to get the country back to normal. The famed medical professional explained

“Well, at first, we need our mojo back. Let’s start with things that are really critical to the nation where we think we might be able to open without getting into a lot of trouble. I tell you, schools are a very appetizing opportunity. I just saw a nice piece in The Lancet arguing that the opening of schools may only cost us 2 to 3%, in terms of total mortality. Any, you know, any life is a life lost, but to every child back into a school where they’re safely being educated, being fed and making the most out of their lives with a theoretical risk in the backside might be a tradeoff some folks would consider. We need to get industries back, supply lines, I mean thing that we can do without putting the nation at risk.”

Many quickly took to Twitter to express their concerns.

Do you guys think Dr. Oz has a point or is he a little too eager to test the waters with this deadly disease?

Authored by: Breanna Chianne