Singer Brandy Confirms: We’re Gonna Bring “Moesha” Back [VIDEO]

Brandy Confirms: We’re Gonna Bring ‘Moesha’ Back

Mo to the E to the is making a comeback!

Some of the stars of the 90s hit sitcom “Moesha” confirmed that a reboot is on the way.

Brandy, who played Moesha, along with Sheryl Lee Ralph and William Allen Young who played her stepmother Dee and father Frank respectively, confirmed the news during a brief reunion at Sheryl Lee Ralph’s DIVA Foundation event earlier this week.

Sheryl Lee Ralph asked Brandy, 

“We would like to know, would you like to do a Moesha reboot?”

She responded,

“Yeah! Absolutely.”

She then confirmed,

“I’m here to solidify that we’re gonna bring Moesha back.”

Sheryl Lee Ralph added,

“You heard it right here. You will have a Moesha reboot.”

“Moesha” aired from 1996-2001 and also starred Marcus T. Paulk, Shar Jackson, Countess Vaughn, and Ray J, who later joined the show.

Sadly, cast member Lamont Bentley, who played Moesha’s best friend turned boyfriend, Hakeem died in a car crash in 2005. Yvette Wilson, who played the beloved Andell, passed away in 2012 after her battle with cervical cancer.

The cast had an emotional reunion on daytime talk show “The Real” in 2017 for the first time in 16 years.

Brandy explained that she landed the role thanks to executives seeing her personality in her music. Shar Jackson, who played Moesha’s BFF Niecy Jackson, said she didn’t have to try out but received a call asking if she wanted to sit in. She also revealed that Niecy’s name was originally Gayle.

William Allen Young also said he and Brandy had a father/daughter connection from the first time they met. See it all below.

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Authored by: Char Patterson