Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Warns “It’s The End Of Times”, As She Posts Clip Referring To “Mark Of The Beast” [VIDEO]

Gospel Singer Erica Campbell Warns “It’s The End Of Times”, As She Posts Clip Referring To “Mark Of The Beast” [VIDEO]

The coronavirus pandemic has some of the country worried about if the pandemic is a sign of the end times. The pandemic has also left people wondering when things will get back to normal. Gospel singer Erica Campbell who is a member of the gospel group Mary Mary, is also feeling these concerns. Erica Campbell posted a clip to her Instagram that she retweeted from another page. It is a clip from the ‘Today’ show from July 2017. The segment demonstrated the installation of a microchip inside of the hand of an employee at a store called Three Square Market. The store hired a body piercer to install the small chip in the hands of the Three Square Market employees. With the chip, the employees are able to purchase snacks in the break room using the hand that has the microchip. Three Square Market announced that company,

  “will offer employees microchip implants to assist them with day-to-day tasks, like unlocking office doors, using printers, logging in to computers and, of course, buying snacks.”

Three Square Market is described as a company that is,

“based in River Falls, Wisconsin, provides self-service mini-markets — think vending machines and standalone snack kiosks — to office break rooms across the U.S. and abroad.”

Erica Campbell captioned the clip saying,

“The Mark of the beast.. End Times for real!! Repost from @lexitelevision For those believers who know what this is…time is winding up. BTW, I’m good with my debit card. #Jesusissoontocome#getyourlifeinorder#ReadRevelations”

Erica is no stranger to posting her thoughts on her Instagram page, as she has done so in the past. The bible verse that Erica is referring to is from Revelations 13:16-17 and 19:20. The “mark of the beast” passage refers to Christians that worship the antichrist and false prophets. See the clip Erica posted below.

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla