Jermaine Dupri Makes Plee With Black Georgians To Continue To Stay Home After The State Reopens Due To The Coronavirus

Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupri Makes Plee With Black Georgians To Continue To Stay Home After The State Reopens Due To The Coronavirus

American rapper/music producer Jermaine Dupri is not here for the governor of Georgia’s decision to reopen the state despite the current coronavirus pandemic. Not too many people seem to be pleased with the fact that Brain Kemp (the governor of Ga) is allowing non-essential businesses, such as hair salons and gyms, to reopen. Both the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, and President Trump have said that they don’t agree with the state reopening this soon. On April 22nd the So So Def record label owner, Jermaine Dupri, took to his Instagram page to share his own disappointments with Georgia being reopened as the coronavirus continues to spread. 

Jermaine Dupri

“First of all I’m not excited and that’s why I have this mask on,” Jermaine Dupri said. “Because I feel like for the first time in 4 weeks that my chances of getting sick are probably greater [because of] the fact that people are starting to feel like they getting ready to be able to go outside and they go be hanging out and this, that, and the third. I don’t like that.”

During his Instagram video, Jermaine Dupri took the time to speak directly to African-Americans living within the state of Georgia and the city of Atlanta:

“People think ‘black people in Atlanta they can’t wait to get outside so them n*ggas can run around and show their cars off and this, that, and the third.’ That’s our image people and that don’t need to happen, man. Like for-real for-real. If that is our image let that be our image when there is no corona.” 

The music executive continued: 

“When people think about Georgia they think about Atlanta [and] when people think about Atlanta they think about black people. [COVID-19] has its highest kill rate with black people. On top of that Georgia ranks last in [COVID-19] testing.” 

Before he ended his message Jermaine Dupri encouraged African-Americans to continue to stay home and not spend money as Georgia reopens.  

“What I want you to understand is they expecting us to die. They expect to hear multiple deaths after this weekend pass and that don’t have to be like that, we don’t have to go that way, and we can change this. Yes, if places are open let em just be open. And let em feel that black dollar too. That’s another thing because…Another thing we ignore in this city is the fact that yea, the city moves by the black dollar.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel