Shaq’s Kids React To Him Showing Off His Feet: Why Would You Post This?!

Shaq’s Kids React To Him Showing Off His Feet: Why Would You Post This?!

Shaquille O’Neal is no stranger to showing off his feet to the world, even when nobody asked. Well, the NBA legend is back at it again, this time asking for someone to take care of his toes during the quarantine. Shaquille O’Neal posted the photo of his toes with the following caption to his 16 million Instagram followers,

I need my feet done, anybody wanna take care of these for me”

Shaquille O’Neal’s children are not fans of their dad’s struggle feet. His daughter Taahirah responded,

“I’m reporting you”

His son Myles responded,

“Why would you post this dude, there’s some thing’s we need to keep to the family”

His other son Shareef, who is attending Shaq’s alma mater LSU in the fall responded,

“Why are y’all tagging me in this like I haven’t seen them already ??????”

Shareef took his thoughts about his dad’s feet to his twitter page stating,

I hate when my dad post feet pics because everyone sends it to me …. LIKE BRO IM LOOKING AT THEM IN PERSON!!!!!!”

In terms of celebrity reactions to Shaq’s feet, rappers E40 and Snoop Dogg posted laughing emojis, as well as comedian/singer Jaimie Foxx. Other reactions included actress Skai Jackson who wrote,

“Say sike right now”

Rapper Chance the Rapper said,

The big toes doin the smooth criminal”

Producer Stevie J simply put,

“D*mn Gz”

Comedian Nate Jackson said,

“Nah. That ain’t yo feet. Yours are worse”

What do you guys think about Shaquille O’Neal’s latest picture of his struggle toes? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla