Will Smith Catches Wife Jada & Daughter Willow Baking With Beauty Face Masks [WATCH]

Mask On: Will Smith Catches Jada and Williow Baking With Face Mask On (Video)

Iconic entertainer Will Smith is keeping busy during quarantine by catching his family off guard around the house. In a post made to Instagram Saturday (May 2nd), Will Smith starts the video whispering in confusion on with his wife and daughter need to be working on their skin while baking. He references their beauty face masks and said,

“Willow and Jada are baking a cake, which is cool, the only thing I don’t understand is why they need their skin to be right while they’re baking the cake.”

Jada Pinkett-Smith shamelessly replies:

“See now, I’m trying to help you out, “I’m trying to make you the cake.”

While Will laughs, his daughter Willow Smith, who was also shown rocking a beauty face mask, hints at payback:

“You’re going to get yours.”

Jada Pinkett Smith responded when she posted the same video herself. She added the caption,

“When jokas mad cause you can multitask!”


Will Smith recently made waves online earlier this week when he did a virtual reunion with his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air castmates and remembered the late Uncle Phil actor James Avery.

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Authored By: Eugene Smilez


Authored by: Eugene Smilez