Amanda Seals Shuts Down Critics Who Say She’s A Non-Foundational Black Person: I’m Smart Like A Motherf**ker!

Amanda Seales

Amanda Seals Shuts Down Critics Who Say She’s A Non-Foundational Black Person

Amanda Seals is not too happy with some of her critics and is firing back. The 39-year-old actress/activist posted a video on her Instagram addressing some of her critics who claimed she was a non- foundational black person. In a now viral clip, Amanda is seen explaining her cultural background and lineage. She said,

“By the way, stop f** saying that I am a non-foundational black person. Ya’ll keep trying to come up with ways to undermine the validity of my voice and I am really tired of it. I was born in America, my mother is from Grenada, my father is from Boston. I am the descendant of shackled slavery in the west indies and in America.  I don’t need to keep explaining this but I’m going to do it this one last time. –I’m also a f** genius so there are a couple different reasons here why I should be listened to. “

Amanda continued,

“One, because I’m smart like a mother**. Two, Because I am the descendant of ancestors who have been through the traumas that we are trying to undo right now. And three, because I’m an authentic Mother** and I speak from the heart every G****time. Anybody who’s got something to say to me about otherwise can go suck a bag of d*** because your point of view has no merit because it is not grounded in anything foundational black or otherwise.”

Amanda Seals is no stranger at speaking her mind and voicing her opinion. Just last month, she accused The Real talk show of stealing her “Smart Black & Funny” concept. She posted a message on social media, sharing a screen shot of The Real cast with a graphic that read “Black Lives Matter University”. She shared another image of her “Smart Funny & Black” brand. She captioned the post:

“Once again therealdaytime demonstrates it’s low class and even lower vibration. Just so we’re clear, this is an EGREGIOUS bit of my “Smart Black & Funny” brand in attempt to bring blak awareness into the programming of The Real. They couldn’t find ANY OTHER WAY to do this without it being a bite of my creation.”

Amanda Seales joined The Real as a co-host in January 2020 and left after only six months on the show.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole