Cassie & Husband Alex Fine Channel Romance Crime Movie w/ Daughter Frankie

Cassie & Husband Alex Fine Channel Romance Crime Movie w/ Daughter Frankie

Cassie and her family are roughing it in their latest Instagram snapshot.

Her husband, physical trainer Alex Fine shared an adorable picture of himself, wife Cassie, and baby Frankie Fine, channeling the 2013 film The Place Beyond The Pines, on Instagram.

The movie tells the story of a young mechanic who takes on robbing banks to provide for his girlfriend and their daughter.

In the post, Alex Fine captioned:

“The Place Beyond The Fines”

Before her romance with Alex Fine, singer Cassie was involved in a 10+ year relationship with mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs. After their split in 2019, Cassie entered a relationship with her physical trainer, that was hired by Diddy, Alex Fine. The couple became engaged that August.

Cassie, Alex Fine

The pair wed in Malibu in September, while Cassie was pregnant with their first child together. In an interview with “Hatch Collection”, the model discussed her big day and being a pregnant bride. She stated:

“It’s crazy; I LOVE it! Leading up to the day, we were both nervous and had jitters because of the stress around planning, not the marriage itself. As soon as I saw him waiting for me down the aisle, all my nervousness melted away. It feels as if it was always meant to be.”

She continued:

“At first, I was NOT down with the idea of being a pregnant bride! I dreamed of having champagne and dancing at our wedding! However, once I weighed the amount of time we would have to wait (hello, birth, and breastfeeding), I realized what I cared about was being his wife and our family, not about whether I was pregnant or not at our wedding. In the end, we had a beautiful intimate ceremony on a bluff overlooking Malibu during sunset. Everything was perfect.

I’m still getting used to saying “husband!” It’s so fun and solidifies everything. We also have a 1-year-old, 110 pound Rottweiler named Waffles, who is entirely part of the family. Legit, we’re a little crew with the whole set-up.”

Cassie, Alex Fine

On Dec. 6, 2019, the couple welcomed their daughter, Frankie Stone Fine into the world. When talking about her daughter, the 33-year-old mother said:

“In today’s world, it’s so easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing; so I want her to grow-up to feel confident in who she is and stay her course. I hope to help guide her in this by always being supportive and listening. Kids say what is on their minds; sometimes, it just may not be directly. I think that it’s our job, as parents, to tune in and pay attention to what they’re thinking and how they feel.

My husband is continuously saying that he wants her to play sports and be tough and I, of course, want her to take ballet (ha!), but at the end of the day, she’s going to be whomever she wants to be, and we need to encourage and support that. I mean, who knows, maybe she’ll be a football-playing ballerina!”

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Authored by: Cierra Jones