Amy Robach Recalls Finding T.J. Holmes ‘Splayed Out’ On His Bed Following Affair Scandal & Believing He Committed Suicide: ‘I Was So Afraid’

Amy Robach, T.J. Holmes

Amy Robach Recalls Finding T.J. Holmes ‘Splayed Out’ On His Bed Following Affair Scandal & Believing He Committed Suicide: ‘I Was So Afraid’

In the days after the world found out about Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes‘ (alleged) affair, it seems the couple struggled quite a bit.

The former TV show hosts exclusively discussed what the viral moment was like for them during the debut episode of their new podcast as they opened up about being in a “dark space.”

Dishing about how their romance going public personally affected her, former “G.M.A. 3” news anchor Amy Robach recalled feeling a kind of helplessness she never encountered before. The 50-year-old stated:

“I”m a breast cancer survivor, and I just celebrated 10 years. So I used to always say that 2013 was the worst year of my life, the hardest year of my life.”

Amy Robach

Claiming that last year was, unfortunately, much worse, she continued:

“There were days when I wanted to die…That was something I never experienced before in my life…I just didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want to see what new headlines was going to be out there.”

Additionally, Robach went on to discuss the horrifying moment she did a wellness check on T.J. Holmes amid the scandal, sharing that for a moment she believed her lover committed suicide. According to the TV personality, the two of them fell into a darkness, specifically after they were both let go from the ABC daytime show. If you recall, Robach and Holmes appeared on a couple more episodes of the news and entertainment series in the immediate days after their affair went public. Speculations that the two were an item sparked when photos of them cozied up together hit the internet.

However, the network ultimately decided to let both of them go. Though it was clarified they didn’t break any workplace protocols, but rather the situation was just a major distraction from the content being reported. Since Holmes and Robach were still legally married to their partners at the time, the story quickly made major headlines. After their firing, Robach stated during the recent podcast episode that she began receiving alarming texts from her “best friend” that spoke in past tense, prompting her to go see him in person. She recalled:

“I texted back and I said, ‘You’re scaring me. Please tell me you’re OK.’ No response. I call. He doesn’t answer. I FaceTime him. He doesn’t answer his FaceTime. … He’s not answering anybody.”

T.J. Holmes


“I was so afraid that he had done something … I remember going down the hall, opening the door … and I saw you and you were just splayed out on your bed…I said, ‘T.J.’ and you didn’t move. And I remember it was the most awful thing having to touch your body to see if you were warm. I was so afraid. You were just incoherent.”

Co-signing the story, Holmes admitted that after being relieved from his job he went home and started “pounding vodka and didn’t stop for several hours,” adding that he also consumed “who knows how many edibles.”

The full episode of “T.J. & Amy” can be found where podcasts are streamed.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson