Diddy Breaks His Silence On Andre Harrell’s Passing: I Can’t Even Handle This [VIDEO]

Diddy, Andre Harrell

Diddy Breaks His Silence About Andre Harrell’s Passing: I Can’t Even Handle This [VIDEO]

American music mogul Diddy took to Instagram to pay homage to his late mentor, Andre Harrell. It was previously reported that music veteran Andre Harrell, unfortunately, passed away on May 7th at the age of 59. On Monday (May 11th), Diddy uploaded a video highlighting part of the speech he gave during a Pre-Grammys Gala for winning an Industry Icon award earlier this year. In the clip, he takes the time to show his appreciation to Andre Harrell for all he’s done for him throughout their mentorship.

“I wanna take the time to thank Andre for being a big brother. For believing in me. Dre, I’m only standing up here because you gave me the chance. You gave me the opportunity,” Diddy said. “But most importantly, what we all have to do, as a black man you took me underneath your wings. You was patient with me and you taught me and you talk to me. And you taught me about the game and you taught me what it was to be a record man. You believed in me, you know. And you kept teaching me. Even till today you still teach me.”

He continued: 

“And I call you my big brother but tonight I gotta tell you the truth that umm… I told you my father died when I was 2 ½, you know. Andre, you’ve been my father for like the last 30 years B.”  


During the video, Andre Harrell appears to be thankful for the kind words his mentee is sharing about him. In the caption for the post, Diddy continues with his praise for Andre Harrell and gives an update on how he’s handling his recent death.  

“I honestly still can’t believe it. I’ve got to give myself the reality of this in doses. Because I can’t even handle this. I hope to God that you are all blessed to have someone in your life that loves you and believes in you like this man believed in me.… I’m going to miss him so much. I can’t even imagine life without Dre. God bless [Gianni], [O’neal Mcknight], and the rest of the family. LOVE YOU FOREVER [Andre Harrell] !!!!!!!!!!

While he was alive Andre Harrell spoke positively of his mentee Diddy. In a 2014 interview with the Wall Street Journal, he explained that he fired Diddy so he could have the freedom to do his own things:

“I didn’t want to sit there and be the one confining [Diddy] because the corporation was telling me to do that. I’m not built that way. I told [Diddy] he needs to go and create his own opportunity: ‘You’re red-hot right now. I’m really letting you go so you can get rich.'”

Diddy isn’t the only celebrity to show appreciation towards Andre Harrell since his passing. American singer Babyface also took to Instagram to speak on how the passing of his friend is affecting him. 

Continued prayers for Andre Harrell’s family and loved ones!

Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel