‘TODAY’ Host Sheinelle Jones Rocks Natural Curls And Fans Are Loving It

‘TODAY’ Host Sheinelle Jones Rocks Natural Curls & Fans Are Loving It

It’s no secret that the African American community, by and large, has dealt with a great deal of criticism about natural hairstyles for many years, especially in the workplace.  That’s why when ‘TODAY’ Host, Sheinelle Jones switched up her normally straight mane and began rocking her natural curls, fans raved about her new look online.

In 2019, Sheinelle Jones debuted a natural ponytail ‘3rd Hour Today’ after a conversation with show creator/writer, Shonda Rhimes. She says,

“In solidarity, I’m wearing my hair natural today.  And you know, it’s true, after I talked about it and after I got home I thought, ‘What are we telling our girls if we tell them that the way God made their hair isn’t okay?'”

Sheinelle’s caption explains:

“Today was definitely a *first* in my career … taking a water bottle to my pony tail right before the show… and letting it go! ?? It’s not something I’ll do everyday, but it’s important to embrace our natural hair. Most importantly for me, it’s the power of *choice.* Curly today, straight tomorrow, a puff, braids, twists, extensions, a fab wig, or if you want to cut it all off …. your hair is an expression of who you are. Let’s embrace all of our choices. ???? #naturalhairstyles#naturalhair#selflove#choice@3rdhourtoday@todayshow@todaystyle@shondarhimes@dove#thecrownact@thecrownact”

One Instagram user shares the sentiments of many.  She writes:

“I love that you are embracing your natural hair.  There is too much emphasis on looking a certain way.  Be yourself and everyone will love you for it!”

On the @3rdhourtoday Instagram page, Sheinelle can be seen showing the process to achieving her natural twist out.

With the caption that reads:

“Sheinelle is trying out a new natural hairstyle and it looks amazing!  See how she uses a twist out method to get the look.  Tap the link in bio for more! (Tips by @takishahair.)”

With natural hair becoming more accepted, it’s good to see African American women in the media embracing their natural locs.

Authored by: Robin Ayers