Kenya Moore Accuses Nene Leakes’ Husband, Gregg, Of Cheating On Her With The Help

Nene Leakes, Gregg Leakes, Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore Accuses Nene Leakes’ Husband, Gregg, Of Cheating On Her With The Help

The reunion for season 12 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta is definitely delivering on the drama. In a sneak peek video clip of the second part of the reunion, RHOA castmate Kenya Moore claims that her fellow castmember NeNe Leakes’s husband, Gregg Leakes,  is cheating on her with the help. 

Gregg Leakes, NeNe Leakes

During the virtual reunion, Kenya Moore says:

“Gregg is having relationships with your help.”

The rest of the RHOA ladies appear to be shocked by her cheating accusation. 

She continues:

“I mean it doesn’t make any sense. Messing around with the help.” 

NeNe Leakes, who has been on the show since season 1, threw her own jabs back at the former Miss USA titleholder concerning her husband, Marc Daly.

“Who is your man messing around with? It ain’t you.” 

Marc Daly, Kenya Moore

Even though everyone seemed to be surprised by what Kenya Moore said, this isn’t the first time Gregg Leakes’s cheating allegations have come up. As previously reported, this past March NeNe Leakes actually spoke about her husband having inappropriate conversations with a member of their staff. She said on Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast.

“We had an employee meeting, everyone’s gathered around like this. I came in that morning… and they were having friction, some of the employees, and we wanted to discuss some of the things that were happening. So she was sitting there and the gay guy was sitting here, and he said ‘I don’t appreciate you calling me a queen.’ … He said ‘Listen, you wouldn’t wanna do that cause you know I know your secret.’… And then he was like ‘How about you and Mr. Gregg be FaceTiming and talking…I don’t even get out of character at all. I said ‘Really?’”

“So I called Gregg, I said Gregg I have you on speaker. He was like ‘uh-huh’. I said so you’ve been talking to Juanita? And he said ‘No! I ain’t never talk to her! You gotta be – ‘ I was like okay, you have, bye.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel