Nene Leakes Says Two RHOA Cast Mates Need To Be Axed, But Kenya Moore Should Stay: She Ain’t Got No Sense, She’s Perfect For The Show


Nene Leakes Says Two RHOA Cast Mates Need To Be Axed, Kenya Moore Should Stay

Part one of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta recently wrapped filming, and the reunion show had to be filmed online, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Cynthia Bailey

In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Nene Leakes was asked was it true that Cynthia Bailey was rumored to be getting replaced by Phaedra. To this, she responded:

“That’s interesting. That would probably be a decent move, not saying that Cynthia should go off the show, I’m just saying considering, you viewers and everything that’s happening. So many people have been wanting to see Phaedra come back because one of the things, that she had an issue with Kandi. A soon as Kandi had a real issue instead of making up a fake one with Nene.

Kandi Burruss, Phaedra Parks

Your real issue Kandi is with Phaedra. The moment they said that she was just like ‘I’m going to quit the show.’ No don’t quit, I know you ain’t closing your laptop. Let Phaedra come on over here and say what she got to say. If they could change it out a little bit. I think they do need to make a move though. Honestly, I think it needs to be a really big shake up, whether I’m here to not. It needs to be a big shake up, I think two people need to go.”

Kenya Moore

When asked what two people she suggests to get the axe, she responds:

“Now I ain’t gone say, cuz both of ya’ll little nasty tails. I have never said Kenya should leave the show, I always said Kenya should be on the show, she’s good for the show, whether I like her or not. She’s controversial, she’s the craziest person I know, that girl ain’t got no sense, she’s perfect for the show she’ll do things and say things that nobody else would do or say.  She needs to be here.” 

In a recent video Nene Says that she felt like she was s target during the reunion show:

“The first two and a half hours- it was all questioning me. Me, me, me, me! NeNe, NeNe, NeNe, NeNe! I thought, ‘Okay. So it’s all me.’ According to everything I saw this season, they said they carried the show, I’m not in that many episodes, they in the majority of the episodes- so why should I have had that many questions?…So when the reunion starts again, Marlo [Hampton] and Tanya [Sam] are not out there. Porsha [Williams] is there, I’m there. And you have to understand that the rest of them are with Kenya [Moore] on her side. So Cynthia [Bailey], Kandi [Burruss], Eva, and her- they all over there. So when I’m asked a question, all these people jumpin’ in! Majority of the time, it was Eva and Kenya jumpin’ in. You know Eva’s got to save her plum and make it into a peach – so she’s gotta do whatever she gotta do at this point. She’s so interesting, as she likes to say. But she wasn’t interesting at all. I don’t care what anybody says. She wasn’t interesting. Okay girl, you might have been a pretty face, but you had no personality. You weren’t fun- it was nothing.”

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Authored by: Demi Lobo