Venus Williams Talks Beauty As She Launches Her Sunscreen Line: I’m Not Confident In A Lot Of Makeup

Venus Williams Talks Beauty As She Launches Her Sunscreen Line: I’m Not Confident In A Lot Of Makeup

After years of playing tennis in the sun, Venus Williams is launching a skincare line that includes two SPF products under her EleVen by Venus Williams brand.

Venus Williams sat down for a recent interview with Forbes to chat beauty and her new venture. On why she decided to start a skincare line, Venus says,

“I’m crazy about skincare. I am crazy about sunscreen, especially because my job is in the sun, so I have to protect my skin. After all, it is the largest organ on your body. A lot of times people are not taking the same care of their skin that they’re doing to the rest of their body. If you eat well, exercise, etcetera, you’ve got to take care of not only what you put on it, you have to protect it. As a big proponent of sunscreen, this is a natural transition for me to be able to do this and be part of the EleVen family.”

Venus continues on about her beauty philosophy.  She states,

“Honestly, I would just say if it makes you happy then it’s okay. I’m not as confident in a lot of makeup. But I know a lot of people are. But for me, I feel like oh my gosh, I have a lot of makeup on. That’s just how I react to it. Other people feel great in makeup. For me, the beauty philosophy is that if it makes you feel good and it’s happy and it’s healthy, then go ahead.”

EleVen by Venus Williams was created as a fashion-forward active brand, to give women quality activewear that allowed them to feel great and perform better.  Adding the addition of sun protection seems to be right in line with Venus‘ core values.  On the Credo website, Venus offers,

“As an athlete and professional tennis player I’ve spent most of my life outdoors, so I was compelled to create a suncare collection I could count on to protect me daily. EleVen by Venus is all about the relentless pursuit of your best self.

Safe for our planet and perfect for people of all skin shades and types, I hope to inspire others to get outside, be active and stay healthy.”

Venus shared her news via Twitter:

A Venus fan and Twitter user responded:

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Authored by: Robin Ayers