Venus Williams & Comedienne Amy Schumer Work Out With Liquor Bottles [WATCH]

Venus Williams, Amy Schumer

Venus Williams & Comedienne Amy Schumer Work Out With Wine Bottles [WATCH]

Tennis all-star Venus Williams and funny girl Amy Schumer are creatively making sure they get their workouts in during the nationwide quarantine. Venus Williams hosted a workout with Amy Schumer and her sister, fellow tennis pro Serena Williams.

While gyms around the country are shut down because of the spreading of the coronavirus, Venus Williams and Amy Schumer unapologetically used wine bottles to get their workout on together. They both jumped on Instagram Live where Amy showed Venus how to lift the large wine bottle behind her back.

She added,

“Sometimes, you gotta put it on your head, and that’s good.”

They both put the wine bottles on their head and proceeded to go up and down.


Venus gave it a try and said,

“I think I’m getting the hang of this.”

Amy proudly gave a nod to Michelle Obama’s infamous “When they go low, we go high” quote and said,

“When we go low, the champagne goes high.”

Amy also said a smaller wine bottle will work, especially for calf raises.

She even doubled up with two wine bottles for a biceps workout before she pretended to drink out of both bottles and told Venus to

“practice for nighttime.”


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