John Boyega: If You’re Racist & A Fan Of My Work – F**k Off, You F**king D**k Heads [VIDEO]

John Boyega

John Boyega Is Trending After Tweeting ‘I Really F***ing Hate Racists’

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, many social media users are speaking out. The latest is actor  John Boyega. Yesterday (May 26), John Boyega retweeted several messages that used the hashtag #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd hashtag.

Earlier today (May 27), he spoke out directly to his followers tweeting:

I really f***ing hate racists.

His tweet was met by some Twitter users that agreed with his view on racists people.

John Boyega later respond to those who he felt did not understand his tweet. In one response, he tweeted:

Where did I say solely white? What’s actually wrong with you [people] on twitter? Lol which solely white comment? I am talking about what I’m talking about. We need you to just keep quiet, that’s it.

In another tweet, after one commenter said he broke up with his girlfriend because she hates whites, John responded:

I am talking about WHITE on BLACK racism. The kind that has ruined the world not caused a lil break up with your girlfriend.

And, for a Twitter user that called John’s comment ignorant and referenced to their own personal life, Boyega reacted:

Are you guys on twitter dedicated to seeing what’s in your head and not what I wrote? Take a break because you’re one of them. As I said you can’t force me to talk about what I’m not talking about. Shut up.

Boyega also took to Instagram live to address his feelings on racism. He says in one clip:

And, if you’re a fan of me and you support my work, and you’re racist… F**K OFF!

See the clips below.

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Authored by: Cierra Jones