Khia To Trina: “I’m Gonna Roast You Until I Get Tired, Then I’m Gonna Roast You Some More”

Khia To Trina: “I’m Gonna Roast You Until I Get Tired, Then I’m Gonna Roast You Some More”

The turn of events seemed to go from zero to a hundred real quick!  Just this month, a video surfaced online of the “My Neck, My Back” rapper, Khia (born Khia Shamone Finch, 42), calling out fellow Southern female rapper, Trina (born Katrina Laverne Taylor, 45) to a hits-for-hits battle.

After an extended rivalry between the female rappers, today (May 27th) Khia posted a fiery video targeted straight at Trina and took a shot at Trina’s cousin, television personality, Bobby Lytes.

Khia said,

“Esther Rollesa.k.a. Trick Daddy “No Dollars” was gon’ break the internet and didn’t nobody watch. B*tch, we the people said ‘you didn’t break the internet, b*tch you just broke’. [inaudible] who ain’t wrote sh*t and ain’t sold nothing tryin’ to battle with TWP and them old a**, tired a** songs y’all got together child. Boo, nobody’s buying them b*tch.”

She continued,

“So now you wanna try to do a Tik Tok pretending you wanna box.  B*tch in yo’ 365 years, dog years that is of living, H0*, who have you ever fought?  I’ll wait. Acting like you wanna throw hands, and you ain’t got not na’an battery charge. Gag order, let’s talk about order b*tch, you was running then, and you runnin’ now.  M’kay, just like you was running from that challenge.  I bet you won’t.  Gag order, let’s talk about order, we the people say ‘run that record and let’s see how many assault charges you got.  Not na’an ho*, just assault with a deadly p*****, you done killed and shot so many n***** with that girl, honey them probably the only charges you’ve ever had.”

Not slowing down on the insults, Khia further continued,

“B*tch, we the people have never seen or heard of you dragging a b*tch.  All we’ve seen is you hollerin’ and screamin’ in the middle of Walmart and on the TV screen lookin’ like a hopeless, tired, and through-a** whore, yelling at a bunch of juvenile delinquents, b*tch.   My mugshots speaks for itself sourp***.  Play p**** and get f***ed ho* , but that’s what you like.  Getting f***ed and dumped on your head.  So I will oblige, don’t be no fool, don’t get drug.  You don’t want no smoke, you baggy-eyed, ran-through, yuck mouth, disease infested, penniless wh*re.  I’m going to roast you until I get tired and then I’m gon’ roast you some goddamn more. Now I see why Remy shot that b*tch in her gut, except me, I’m gon’ shoot you in your p*ssy, cause it’s time to put that mangely alleycat out of its misery once and for all.  [Inaudible], just keep it real ho* b*tch, you don’t wanna fight, what you need is a psychiatrist, thinking that anybody is beneath you.”

The rapper concluded, saying:

“Girl, all the p**** you done sold b*tch, how can anybody be beneath you. I don’t know who you’ve influenced but Bobby Boucher, wanting to be a man wh*re, selling his ba-dussy to the lowest bidder on FansOnly.  That’s the only person that you’ve ever influenced in your life, but you think everybody’s beneath you.  Now you trying to sell skin tea, girl, how when your skin is f****ed up and ashy full of blemishes and legions.  B*tch you might as well file for unemployment and AARP, b*tch.  ‘Cause, ain’t no more money ho*.  I ordered the baddest basset hound to go straight to the cage, we putting you on suicide watch.  You can lay your head on them hits that you claim you got in the hole, b*tch.”

This video appears to stem from the original video where Khia is seen almost taunting Trina into a battle.

Not long after, Trina responded with a video of her own, seemingly declining the battle.  She states,

“I’m not going to entertain the blogs, I’m a not a person that does all of that, everybody knows me, I’m a queen. This is called royalty over here, ok I’m not stepping off my thrown to address no bum, no chicks that are beneath me, and nobody that has not worked as hard as I worked for anything.” 

Instead of facing Khia in a hits battle, she opted to battle her long-time friend and rap collaborator, Trick Daddy, as announced by 99 Jamz Miami, the radio station that the pair work for.  The announcement alongside a flyer of Trick Daddy and Trina stated,

WE DOIN IT FOR DA CRIB!! ???The BEAUTY vs the BEAST is going down WEDNESDAY @ 8PM! Check into our IG Live to watch Trick & Trina go hit-for-hit only on #99JAMZ 


We hope the two of them can work this out.  Would you still like to see them in a hits-for-hits battle?  Comment below!

Authored by: Robin Ayers