YG Is Dropping New Music ‘F**k The Police’ This Week


YG Is Dropping New Music ‘F**k The Police’ This Week

Rapper YG (real name Keenon Jackson), 30, is set to release another politically charged single that takes a clear view against police officers amid the killing of Minnesota unarmed black man, George Floyd which sparked an underbelly of outrage around the country.

On Monday (June 1st), the Compton, California rapper revealed his plans to drop a new single entitled “F**k The Police,” this week by sharing the artwork via Instagram with three letters and a parental advisory sticker.


However,  YG did not share any specifics on his release date of the new single which is likely drop at the end of this week. In the past, YG has taken aim at polarizing  President Donald Trump with late rapper Nipsey Hussle for “FDT” (F**k Donald Trump).

For the diss record, YG and Nipsey Hussle created mainstream rally cry with an impromptu protest featuring dozens of fellow protesters carrying homemade “F–k Donald Trump” signs through the streets of Los Angeles.

In 2016, YG told Billboard,

“It got to a point where [Trump] was disrespectin’, saying sh*t that makes no sense. Me and Nip always talk about doing real sh*t about these politics, stepping up and saying stuff other motherf**kers are not, so we finally hit the studio and really did it.”

Following the latest news from Minneapolis last week, YG shared his thoughts on the swift call to justice after footage surfaced online of a white officer with his knee on Floyd’s neck during his arrest.

As the nation continued to protest the killing of Floyd, YG reposted a clip of a man who avoided police custody by running away before taking his frustration out on the officers with a kick to the back.

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Authored by: Gregory Molette