‘Law & Order’ Spinoff Writer Fired For Threatening Looters In California

‘Law & Order’ Spinoff Writer Fired For Threatening Looters In California

It appears that creator and executive producer of the hit series Law & Order, Dick Wolf, isn’t here for anyone making insensitive comments about the protests against racial injustice that are taking place across the nation. 

It’s recently been reported that Dick Wolf has fired TV writer Craig Gore from the upcoming Law & Order spinoff series after he made threatening comments online towards people protesting in California. Craig Gore uploaded a photo of himself to Facebook wearing a facial mask, jeans, and a black shirt while holding a large firearm. He captioned the image 


Craig Gore then commented under his upload and said 

“Sunset is being looted two blocks from me. You think I won’t light motherf*ckers up who are trying to f*ck w/ my property I worked all my life for? Think again,”

Dick Wolf seemed to have wasted no time in letting the writer go. He released a statement regarding the Facebook post that said 

“I will not tolerate this conduct, especially during our hour of national grief. I am terminating Craig Gore immediately.”


Ice-T, who is a star on the long-running Law and Oder: SUV responded to Craig Gore being fired and tweeted 

“Oh sh*t … The Big Boss is cleaning house… RESPECT.”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel