Cardi B’s Stylist Blasts Fashion Companies: “Don’t Use Us When It’s Convenient For You!”

Kollin Carter and Cardi B

Cardi B’s Stylist Blasts Fashion Companies:”Don’t Use Us When It’s Convenient For You!”

Cardi B’s stylist Kollin Carter lashed out at fashion companies that have asked him for placements, but have not publicly supported the movement for black lives. 

Kollin Carter took to his instagram to write a post calling out the fashion houses,

“Some of you fashion houses and CEO’s are absolutely bogus. For you to be in my email begging for placements but have nothing to say when it comes to this matter is disgusting. Don’t use us when it’s convenient for you to then turn around and not stand with us.”

In the caption of the post, the stylist wrote,

“I will make it my duty to not associate myself or my clients with you guys anymore. You take from the culture, and us brown Men and Woman for your traffic and profit but have absolutely nothing to say now. Where’s the energy you had when the kangaroos in Australia were dying? You should be f***ing ashamed of yourselves.”

Kollin Carter’s client Cardi B has also been very vocal about the unrest and protests that have occurred in the weeks since the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. The ‘I Like It’ rapper shared a video online expressing her support for the people in Minneapolis that are protesting over the wrongful death of George Floyd. In the three minute video Cardi B discussed her disappointment in the recent police brutality murder,

“I just wanna give my POV. Seeing people looting and going extremely outraged – you know it makes me feel like ‘yes, finally. Finally, m*therf*ckers is gonna hear us now, yeah.’ As much as people is so against it – at this point, I feel like I’m not against it even though it do scare me and I don’t want anybody to get hurt. But it’s just really frustrating – you wanna know why? Because Police brutality has been going on even way before I was born. But it has been more visual ever since – you know, social media started getting pop’n. And ever since let’s say Instagram started, just one path, let’s say since Instagram started how many peaceful protests have we seen? How many trending hashtags have we seen? These hashtags keep freaking repeating themselves.”

Cardi recently encouraged her followers to get out and vote in this year’s presidential primaries after President Trump was seen on Twitter encouraging republicans to vote in the presidential primaries this week.

“Hey guys this is why we NEED TO VOTE ! Trump is encouraging his supporters to vote and THEY WILL ! They follow everything and do everything he tells them to do .WE have the power to vote as well.Trump and the Republican Party have a lot of influencers ,followers and supporters but so do WE! All the celebs and influencers we have the same following and THATS WHY WE ENCOURAGING YOU TO VOTE! This is something that WE CAN ALL WIN TOGETHER.YOU will be apart of change.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla