Drake Reacts To Officer Thomas Lane’s Lawyer Saying Civilians Should’ve Stopped George Floyd’s Death: This Sh*t Is Foul

Drake Reacts To Officer Thomas Lane’s Lawyer Saying Civilians Should’ve Stopped George Floyd’s Death: This Sh*t Is Foul

Thomas Lane, who was on his 4th day as a full-time police officer was holding down George Floyd’s legs as he died.

Thomas Lane’s lawyer appeared on Chris Cuomo’s CNN show Monday night (June 8th) in hopes of proving his client’s innocence. Thomas Lane has been charged with aiding and abetting second-degree murder in George Floyd’s death.  This is the same charge as former officers J. Alexander Kueng and Tou Thao, received, who were also involved in George Floyd’s fatal arrest.

J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas Kiernan Lane, Tou Thao

Derek Chauvin, the senior officer who knelt on George Floyd’s neck for more than eight minutes, has been charged with second-degree murder, and all four officers were fired.

In the CNN interview, Earl Gray argues that Thomas Lane didn’t have a good view of what was going on because he was holding down George Floyd’s legs, with another officer in between him and Derek Chauvin, a police veteran, who was his senior training officer.

Drake was watching CNN and posted on his Instagram, furious at Early Gray struggling to defend his client saying,

“Thomas Lane lawyer struggling through and ATTEMPT to justify this situation live on television . . . can’t even decide how to defend his client this sh*t is foul to watch”

Thomas Lane’s body cam footage has yet to be released, but Earl Gray feels as if people would have a “different opinion” of his client if they saw it.  Arguing “he thought he was following the protocol of the Minneapolis Police Department.”  Gray says that the body cam showed his client, asking his senior officer, Derek Chauvin, twice, if they should roll George Floyd onto his side after complaints that he couldn’t breathe.

Chris Cuomo, had to stop Earl Gray mid-sentence after he alluded that innocent bystanders should have intervened if they cared so much. Gray said,

“All these people say, why didn’t my client intercede, well If the public is there, and they’re so in an uproar about this, they didn’t intercede either, and my client is down were he can’t really see…..”

Chris Cuomo, obviously disappointed in the comments, quickly hopped in give Earl Gray a few words,

“Two things — one, you’re laying on a man’s legs, you’ve got a fine view of what’s going on with that man. The other officer is literally a foot in front of you on his neck.

“Two, I understand that he has a senior officer telling him what to do, but there’s also a duty to intervene. And if that officer is doing something that is dangerous to a civilian, you have a duty to intervene, and he did not intervene.

Chris Cuomo then posed the question to Earl Gray asking him, is he asking for too much from innocent civilians,

“And the idea that the civilians should have rushed in to a policing situation in the inner city of Minneapolis against four police officers that have weapons and are kneeling on the neck of a man — don’t you think that’s asking a little much of civilians and a little too little of your client?”

Early Gray quickly backtracked his statement by saying,

“Absolutely. I’m not, I just brought that up.”

In a court hearing last week, Earl Gray said his client didn’t want George Floyd to die, and he even got in the ambulance with him to do CPR.

“What’s telling, what’s compelling, is when the ambulance comes, my client goes in the ambulance, four days on the force, goes in the ambulance and starts his own CPR, pushing down on the chest, which he did for a lengthy period of time, until he got the machine up, attempting to revive Mr. Floyd.”

Thomas Lane’s next court appearance is scheduled for June 29.

Check out the full interview here:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo