Ex ‘American Idol’ Contestant Frenchie Davis Calls Out Simon Cowell For Racial Discrimination Amid Gabrielle Union’s Lawsuit: I Told Y’all!

Ex ‘American Idol’ Contestant Frenchie Davis Calls Out Simon Cowell For Racial Discrimination Amid Gabrielle Union’s Lawsuit: I Told Y’all!

It appears that Gabrielle Union isn’t the only person who had a negative experience while working with Simon Cowell.

Former American Idol contestant, Frenchie Davis is also calling out the television host and executive producer for racial discrimination. On June 7th Frenchie Davis uploaded an image of the fictional character Morticia Addams, from the 1991 version of The Addams Family to her Instagram account. In the image, Morticia Addams has a smirk on her face while holding a silver teacup. Frenchie Davis captioned the photo,

“My face when I saw [Gabrielle Union] is suing Simon Cowell and Fremantle Media for racial discrimination…..I f*cking told y’all 20 years ago but maybe cause Gabby ain’t fat, folk will listen now….. and this where we collectively need to do better and hold the white people we make money with accountable for how they do business with black folk. Why ANY black person would expect to have an integrity-filled business interaction with these white people after what they did to me is BEYOND MY UNDERSTANDING. But by all means…go awf.” 

Frenchie Davis was a contestant on season 2 of American Idol back in 2003.

However, she was disqualified from the show towards the start of the season due to topless photos that were taken earlier in her career. In 2007, another contestant had topless photos surface online however they were not sent home because of it. When speaking on the difference between these two contestants during an episode of  The View Rosie O’Donnell said she feels it’s a racial issue 

“I think it’s racist. I do… I think it’s because [Frenchie Davis] is black.”

Frenchie Davis’s post calling out Simon Cowell follows American actress Gabrielle Union’s claims and lawsuit against him. As we previously reported, the former America’s Got Talent judge is allegedly suing Simon Cowell, Universal TV, Syco Entertainment and Fremantle Productions North America for “racist and misogynistic conduct” during her time on the show.  Gabrielle Union also claims that NBC entertainment chairman, Paul Telegedy, allegedly tried to intimidate her into not following through with her suit. Her lawyer stated in court documents, 

“On or about February 4, 2020, Telegdy threatened Union through her agent and warned Union’s agent that Union had better cease from pursuing her claims of racism while filming AGT. Union’s agent was shocked that the Chairman of NBC Entertainment was attempting to threaten and intimidate Union. Union’s agent could not recall another instance in his career when a senior executive at a network had threatened and intimidated an employee during an ongoing workplace investigation.”

Gabrielle Union

NBC has since released a statement denying Gabrielle Union’s claims 

“The allegation that anyone involved in this process threatened Ms. Union is categorically untrue. We took Ms. Union‘s concerns seriously, and engaged an outside investigator who found an overarching culture of diversity on the show. NBCUniversal remains committed to creating an inclusive and supportive working environment where people of all backgrounds are treated with respect.”

Initially, it was announced that Gabrielle Union would not be returning to AGT this past November. It was later reported that the Bring It On actress parted ways with the talent competition show due to a toxic and racist work environment. It’s alleged that Gabrielle Union was told her hairstyles were “too black” for TV.

NBC did its own investigation for the claims that Gabrielle Union made but found that “no one associated with the show made any insensitive or derogatory remarks” about her hair.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel