Ice Cube Accused Of Being Anti-Semitic & Posting Conspiracy Theories On Social Media

Ice Cube

Ice Cube Is Being Accused Of Being Anti Semitic And Posting Conspiracy Theories On His Social Media Pages

Rapper and Actor Ice Cube (real name O’Shea Jackson) has been the trending topic on twitter and instagram for some of the content that he’s been posting recently. Ice Cube has been very vocal about the racial tensions in this country ever since his N.W.A days. However, some social media users are confused as to why the 50 year old rapper is posting conspiracy theories such as:

Ice Cube has also posted a series of African art images and pro black artwork.

Because of these images and the countless others that he’s posted, Ice Cube is now facing some controversy on social media with some users alleging that the images he is posting are anti semitic.

However, there are other users defending the rapper pointing out that his music and the entirety of his career has been dedicated to addressing police brutality and racism.

Ice Cube seemingly responded to the backlash and support by retweeting one of his own tweets about tactics that are used to discredit certain people,


1)Dismiss us

2)Discredit us

3)Demonize us

4)Destroy us!!! The formula they used against Martin Luther King Jr & many others!!! Including women during the so called witch hunt!!!”

He then retweeted the previous tweet and elaborated on why he has posted the conspiracy theories,

“You know who I am and what I stand for. I believe in actual facts and I stand on the TRUTH alone. LIES GET SPIT ON.”

Lastly, the rapper confirms that these are his tweets and that he has not been hacked. Ice Cube also says that he is not speaking for a particular organization but he’s speaking for the people of the earth,

“This is CUBE. My account has not been hacked. I speak for no organization. I only speak for the meek people of thee earth. We will not expect crumbles from your table. We have to power of almighty God backing us all over the earth. NO MORE TALKING. Repent.”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla