Ice Cube: Racists Stay Off My Page – It’s Not My Job To Answer Your Dumb A**, Sarcastic Questions!

Ice Cube

Ice Cube: Racists Stay Off My Page, It’s Not My Job To Answer Your Dumb A**, Sarcastic Questions

Rapper and actor, Ice Cube, has sent a message loud and clear to racists on his Twitter page.  The High Note actor sent out a tweet to all racists, saying,

“Attention: ALL RACIST stay off my page.  It’s not my job to answer your dumb *ss sarcastic questions.  You’re not witty, you’re pretty shi*tty and you will never turn me around. I already know right from wrong but obviously you don’t.  TAKE IT UP WITH GOD.”

Fans who agree with Ice Cube responded. Twitter user Dora G said,

“It’s time to stop explaining to racists why they’re racists.”

Another Ice Cube fan responded saying,

“Well said!!! Racists aren’t human and don’t have a soul.”

It didn’t stop there for Ice Cube, though.  He followed up with another tweet making a statement about doctors.  The N.W.A. rapper said,

“RACISM WARNING: Doctors around the world.  Stop butchering our people.  We want the same medical care as white citizens.  Too many unnecessary surgeries and unneeded medicines are killing, maiming and poisoning our people.  STOP TODAY. Preserve life.”

A Twitter user who didn’t agree with Ice Cube rebutted and said,

“Don’t blame the doctors.  Blame the politicians.  The insurance overlords.  Comeon Brother…”

Godly Essence agreed with Cube, writing,

“Racism in the medical field is by far one of the worst for black people.”

Ice Cube has recently been promoting The High Note, that he stars in alongside actress, Tracee Ellis Ross.  He was scheduled to appear on Good Morning America but canceled his appearance amid the death of George Floyd, and opted to tweet to his followers instead.  He tweeted,

“I apologize to everyone expecting to see me on Good Morning America today but after the events in Minnesota with George Floyd I’m in no mood to tell America, good morning.”

Do you agree with the tweets that Ice Cube has sent out?  Let us know what you think below.

Authored by: Robin Ayers