USC To End Ban On Reggie Bush 10 Years After Extra Benefits Scandal

Reggie Bush

USC To End Ban On Reggie Bush 10 Years After Extra Benefits Scandal

Is the University of Southern California (USC) rekindling their relationship with former student athlete/NFL star Reggie Bush in the near future? This could very well be the case considering the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Infractions Committee’s recent ruling. In 2017, the NCAA mandated that any disassociation between a school and a person would be limited to ten years. The committee’s procedures state:

“[Paraphrased]…the NCAA will no longer monitor or enforce the disassociation once the 10-year period is over.”

Reggie Bush

USC parted ways with Reggie Bush on June 10, 2010 as a result of sanctions put in place after a four years-long extra benefits investigation that found that Reggie Bush and his family accepted the following from school officials while he played football at the school:

– Cash
– A rent-free home in San Diego
– $10,000 to furnish the home
– Travel Expenses

As a result, he had to return his 2005 Heisman trophy, vacate 14 victories, and prevented 30 students from receiving scholarships.

He recently told The Atlantic:

“It was a horrible feeling, one of the worst feelings in the world. It felt like I died when I had to hear that there weren’t gonna be scholarships for kids because of me or because of something connected to me…I’m still not over that. It’s just something you learn to live with.”

According to sources, Reggie and USC are in the process of finalizing his reinstatement, though it is not clear to what degree he’ll be allowed to associate with the University of Southern California. Since 2010, he has not been welcome on campus in any capacity.

A USC spokesperson has not confirmed Reggie Bush’s upcoming reinstatement deadline.

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Authored by: Miata Shanay