Kanye West Announces 10-Year Deal W/ Gap

Kanye West Announces 10-Year Deal W/ Gap

Rapper and fashion designer Kanye West has another project under his belt.

He announced that he and the popular apparel brand, Gap, will be partnering up! This is a true full-circle moment for Kanye West as he was once an employee at one of the brand’s stores as a teenager. The brand new Yeezy Gap line is slated to appear in stores and online in 2021. He posted the following blended logo of a shortened version of the name of his brand Yeezy inside the iconic blue square of Gap on Twitter:


The partnership between Kanye West and the Gap will, according to a press release, be a ten-year working relationship at the very least and will provide a new, joint clothing line developing apparel aimed at

“elevated basics for men, women, and kids at accessible price points.”

It adds,

 “Under West’s creative direction, the Yeezy design studio will develop the new line to deliver modern, elevated basics for men, women, and kids at accessible price points.” 

“Gap and Yeezy benefit as the business grows, with Yeezy receiving royalties and potential equity related to sales achievement.” 

The global head of Gap, Mark Breitbard, also expressed the company’s joy in bringing Kanye to the team.

“We are excited to welcome Kanye back to the Gap family as a creative visionary, building on the aesthetic and success of his Yeezy brand and together defining a next-level retail partnership.”

The release also indicates that Kanye will maintain full ownership of the separate YEEZY brand.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kanye‘s wife, reality star, and law student Kim Kardashian West tweeted her support and congratulations to her husband. She wrote,

“If anyone knows Kanye they know how much the Gap and Yeezy means to him so this partnership is his dream come true! I am so proud of him. You guys are going to love what they have in store for everyone! From working at the Gap to this partnership is so inspiring  #Westdayever”


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Authored by: Sincerely Liz