A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Says He Was Illegally Stopped By Police W/ His 3-Year-Old Daughter: Now She Hates Police

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie & his daughter

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Says He Was Illegally Stopped By Police W/ His 3-Year-Old Daughter: Now She Hates Police

Rapper A-Boogie Wit Da Hoodie is speaking out about an interaction with police in New Jersey that also involved his three-year-old daughter. He took to his Instagram stories Thursday (June 25) to briefly discuss what happened and indicates that the incident became a teaching moment for him. He wrote,
“So yesterday in NJ I got pulled over illegally with my daughter in the car. Now she hates police and she’s only 3 but I had to tell her every cop isn’t bad.”
He continued,
“Not because it’s a fact, because I don’t want my child being scared every time she sees a police officer. Some of them do their job but the bad cops make them all look like monsters.”
He ended with,
“Illegal stops! Illegal searches! From now on when you get pulled over, don’t record normally go on live for the world to see!”
Other celebrities have also spoken out about their interactions with police in recent weeks amidst the unrest that remains within America in response to the police-involved deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.

Lonnie Chavis

Recently, Lonnie Chavis, a 12-year-old African-American actor on the popular NBC drama This Is Us wrote an open letter where he discussed how he learned about racism in America and about a time where he thought he was going to be “orphaned” after he says his parents were harassed by police:
“A Long Beach police officer twisted my dad’s arm behind his back and pulled him from our doorstep with the door opened, claiming he was being detained for a traffic ticket. My mother ran to my room and told me with fear in her eyes to go into my little brother’s room and stay away from the windows. She put my new baby brother in my arms and told me that no matter what I hear from our front yard to not come to the door. Can you imagine holding on to your three little brothers while thinking that you are all going to be orphans? I can.”
The letter also discusses how he was frightened as he says he witnessed his mother being accused by police of driving someone else’s car without ever indicating to her why she was actually being pulled over:
The white cop approached my mother’s window and asked her, ‘Whose car is this?’ — not about her license and registration, or even why he pulled us over. She had to go to her trunk for more paperwork, and I watched the cop hold his hand on his gun as if my mom was a threat. I was scared for her; I was scared for me.
Actor Don Cheadle has also spoken about his interactions with police after moving to Los Angeles. Despite the fact that he will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2021, he says that he can relate to what it’s like to be pulled over by police because of his skin complexion:
“I got stopped more times than I can count, guns put to my head, I always fit the description. I used to finish their sentences. They’d go, ‘We’re stopping you because…’ and I’d go, ‘I know, I fit the description. I know.’”
He also said that what is being brought to light now as far as unfair treatment of black Americans by some police officers is certainly nothing new:
“This is something that was happening over and over again. I had good friends that were almost killed by the police for nothing. So this is not something that was new to me once all these videos started coming out. Things we knew very well that was happening, they just weren’t being filmed.”

Don Cheadle

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