Tank Says: If Donald Trump Can Have Rallies, Why Can’t We Have Concerts?

Tank Says: If Donald Trump Can Have Rallies, Why Can’t We Have Concerts?

Singer Tank took to his Instagram to discuss the frustration he feels knowing that Donald Trump is able to host his rallies, but musicians are not able to host concerts. Tank first brought up the issue in a post where he shared a photo that read,

“So trump can have rallies but we can’t have concerts? I have more things to add to this list but I’ll stop there! R&B music…”

Tank then detailed his frustration with the rallies being allowed but the concerts being halted,

“There are waivers being signed, and in some instances there are distance requirements which i understand. Giving people the choice is something i understand. Turning people into sheep i do not! For political gain or influence everything is allowed but for the hard workers everything is cut off or limited! Peep game people! Promoters if you’re ready to book a concert i’m ready to perform! R&B Music!..”

The 44 year old singer then began responding to comments. One fan wrote,

“But promoters ain’t ready. Not till 2021, homie. Read the Live Nation/Rolling Stone article, look at the NY Philharmonic, The Hollywood Bowl, and Carnegie Hall- cancelled till next year. Insurance ain’t covering it.”

The singer disagreed with the fan and wrote,

“Those are major companies that are trying to comply with state and federal regulations but they’re not the only game in town. I’ll be on stage soon and there will be people there! 10 or 10 thousand ima still do what I do..”

Comedian Famous Los agreed with the singer and Tank responded,

“The president of the united states is in these streets! You think he knows something that we don’t know? You dam right he does lol People are so angry with him, rightfully so, that they’re not watching how he moves. Everybody’s talking when they should be watching and listening. There’s more to the story…” 

Tank also faced some pushback from fans, one writing,

“I’m your biggest fan champ but I would delete this if I were you.”

The singer responded:

“and that’s why you’re not me… I have my beliefs and you have yours. Respect is the only option.”

Another fan disagreed with Tank,

“Concerts aren’t essential right now… things will get back to normal but focus on saving lives for now”

Tank posed a question for the fan and disagreed with them,

“who’s gonna pay mine? Are you forgetting that I could get sick as well? Of course you did because why should this entertainer’s life matter. Why should feeding his family and the families who depend on him matter. How dare I give people and myself a choice..”

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Authored by: Chelsea Adjalla