Update: Brandy’s Ex-Housekeeper Demands $87k To Cover Her Legal Bills After Singer Agreed To Pay $40k Over Discrimination Claims

Update: Brandy’s Ex-Housekeeper Demands $87k To Cover Her Legal Bills After Singer Agreed To Pay $40k Over Discrimination Claims

Update #2: (Dec. 21, 2022): Despite how it seemed, the legal drama between Brandy and her former employee isn’t over.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Brandy’s ex-housekeeper, Maria Castaneda, is demanding the famed entertainer cover her legal fees of $87,445.80 that she racked up during their court battle. If you recall, just weeks ago Brandy agreed to pay a $40k settlement over Castaneda’s discrimination claims.

Reportedly, the founder of the firm representing the former employee submitted a declaration stating Castaneda’s legal team is not even attempting to recoup the full amount but only a percentage.

As part of the declaration explaining the legal fees, the founder of the firm claimed,

“When my client received her check from [Brandy], the check bounced. When our client’s check bounced, the bank closed her account and I then had to spend more time personally assisting her in retrieving the funds from [Brandy].”

Brandy has yet to respond.

Update #1: (Nov. 23, 2022): Brandy has reached a settlement with her former employee.

According to court documents obtained by RadarOnline, Brandy has agreed to pay her ex-housekeeper $40k to end their legal dispute.

The publication also notes that the housekeeper’s lawyers are requesting an additional $87,445 in attorney fees.

The court filing states,

“[Castaneda’s] counsel only seeks a fair recovery for the time, risk, and effort spent in representing its client and now seeks an award of attorney’s fees and costs in the amount of $87,445.89”

The judge has yet to rule.

As previously reported, the “Moesha” star was sued by Maria Castaneda for age discrimination.

In her lawsuit, Castaneda claimed she was denied her proper wages and a meal break. In addition, she accused Brandy of age discrimination and wrongful termination.

Castaneda initially demanded in excess of $250k but settled for $40k.

Original Story: (March 24, 2022): Brandy has found herself in another legal situation.

The self-proclaimed “Vocal Bible” is reportedly being sued by her former housekeeper. According to a report, the lawsuit alleges that Brandy fired the housekeeper because “she was too old” and did not pay her “for work she completed.” The woman, 60-year-old Maria Castaneda, claimed in court documents that she worked for Brandy for two decades starting in 2002. She said she was let go in February after Brandy allegedly told her she did not want someone so much “older” working for her.


The lawsuit also alleges that Brandy did not pay her for her last two days of work and made her work without proper breaks. She claims she suffered “emotional distress” as a result and is suing Brandy for over $250,000.

Brandy, 43, denied the allegations through her representative.

“We disagree and will have further comments after we speak with our lawyers.”


The lawsuit comes roughly two months after fashion designer Elle B. Mambetov sued Brandy and her stylist Ashley Sean Thomas over a $45,000 ring. Elle B. Mambetov claimed she loaned the ring to Brandy to attend the American Music Awards and never got it back. The designer said she was last told that the ring was on a piano in Brandy‘s house in Calabasas and wants the singer to pay her back for the value of it.

Brandy‘s representative also pushed back on those claims, saying:

“Brandy never saw the ring and has no knowledge of it ever being in her presence. It was never a part of her look for the event.”


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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart